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Suga willing to establish 'children's agency'


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The prime minister has already instructed the LDP to produce a blueprint for the agency as part of a special organization under him to be headed by Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai,

You now see what the real problem is all about.... #NikaiPleaseRetire.

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Another "Agency" the Gov't will fail at. They can't even rescue a Child from a home where they are beaten before death. How are they going to handle this, if they can't even help one Child?

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Suga is completely out of touch. Establishing a children’s agency in the midst of the global pandemic? There are more urgent matters to attend to like full compensation for lost sales to help struggling small businesses.

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in a bid to woo voters ahead of a general election.

So cynical. 'Woo voters', soften up some who might support your opponents, then do nothing.

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Setting up a new agency to inflate the already incompetent bureaucracy. Good move by lazy thinkers with no vision.

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The low birthrate is due to the cost involved in having kids. For those not living in setagaya, life is tough you know

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Im happy Suga san is willing to do something.

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Does this come from the same guy that said that we are going to hold the Olympics as a victory of humanity over the virus?

The words of this weak aged ultra conservative leader means nothing because we know that he won’t deliver his promises.

True democracy,how wish such a thing for Japan.

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Im happy Suga san is willing to do something.

...I got news for you, building another agency blah blah is NOT doing ANYTHING!

It is setting up another trough for political parasites to feed & suck BLOOD out of!!

There are already plenty of ministries, agencies, far too many in fact, if the simply did their JOBS, then children would ALREADY be taken care of, rinse & repeat for a great many other societal ills here

suga is an idiot, plain & simple

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For people who would like to have children in Japan or more than 1 child the limiting factor is often time and it is not just unpaid forced overtime, it is waking up at 5:00 am on Sundays to make bento etc.

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I’m confused?

Issues that could fall under the agency's realm include child poverty, abuse and suicides as well as the realignment of the administrative jurisdiction of nursery schools and kindergartens.


in a bid to woo voters ahead of a general election

is it is get votes or help children???

Anyway, they will have meeting and decide to “urge projects starting in 2035”..

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They can start by changing laws to give more rights to the 40,000 children growing up in orphanages and institutionalized care here in Japan. Even when parents are unable to care for their own children, they can prevent their child from being adopted or even accepted into a foster care family. I teach English to these dear children every week through my nonprofit, JOEE(dot)jp. They deserve love, justice and a hopeful future. Japan worries about a declining birth rate? Take care of the children who are already here. Please!

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It's like the LDP is living on another planet.

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the minister of loneliness and the ministry of children. I wonder what would they come up with next? a government agency for oyaji? oh wait, they have that already.

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I'm pretty sure if you asked many Japanese children what would improve their lives, they would say something related to spending more time with their fathers.

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"children's agency" plan is mere one of ad-balloons toward next general election.

Present ruling party LDP, when they were opposition party, had denounced "children's agency" of then democratic party government.

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New golden parachute destination.

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Well done PM Suga. A agency focused on Japanese Children's issues would help meet the needs of Japanese society.

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A man in charge? The irony!

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