Politicians launch group to promote LGBT-friendly policies


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"We have to enact changes to enhance the understanding of LGBT (people)," Maeda said, expressing his hope that Japan could become a society more tolerant of diversity.

Brilliant news and shows that Japan can be more progressive and inclusive than some would have us believe.

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YES! Japan needs to pull it's head out of the ground!! GAY JAPAN IS EVERYHERE. Its easy to find and we are no different than any H(etero)LTB. Basic human rights; like buying a home or a hospital visit. Is it too much to handle to be seen eye to eye?

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Basic human rights; like buying a home..

Seriously? Gays have problems buying a home because people don't like their lifestyle choices? Give. Me. A. Break.

There is nowhere on the application form to buy a house or get a loan that asks your sexual deviance, er, preference.

If any minority has difficulty buying homes, it's foreigners, not gays.

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