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As scandal simmers, majority of Japanese firms want Abe to finish term

By Linda Sieg

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Of course they want him to stay on,he is the dude giving them all of the tax breaks and therefore their record profits while shafting the small man.

The sooner this joker is gone the better.

He has been in charge now for 7 years......his Abenomics has achieved absolutely nothing except to increase the wealth of his 'big business buddies' while at the same time managing to make the average Japanese person much poorer.

During the war the rank and file became disposable to the IJA,now they are becoming the same to the LDP.

Case in point........Dentsu.

Absolutely scandalous.

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Funny how they are willing to overlook his problems, oh wait (slap upside my head) they are making money hand over foot so of course they want him to stay, even though he is a crook!

13 ( +14 / -1 )

Of course. Japanese are terrified of change, even if the change may be for the better.

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Even if he will be forced to resign which I don't think it's the case,or he won't candidate again for another mandate nothing will change,it is not just about him.

Jiminto and the association behind many of it's members rules the country,and then just another PM with the same revisionist and conservative think will take the "throne"

Sadly to say for me but Edano or even Reno and what is left from Minushito have 0% chance to compete against them.

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I do not really get this study. How and why were company surveyed ? They send the question to a bunch of company and one random staff was expected to answer it then send it back directly or through someone else in the company ? Were everyone in the company expected to reply then the company compiled the result before sending them ? And since I do not know the how, I do not get the why ? Nevertheless the value of the survey. I mean, if you know your boss is a big fan of Abe, it is most likely you will not say screw him if the survey pass by someone else in the company. And company do not vote so ... If they want to survey company directors, why not but in that case it if not majority of firm just the director of these firm.It is not like every people in the firm are expected to bend to a firm opinion when it come to that kind of subject no matter how the opinion was established.

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Considering the Nippon Kaigi is behind most politicians on either side of the aisle, does it really matter? I’m just said for Japan in general. I don’t see it advancing. Pity. It will he remembered as another Phoenicia or has been power.

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Yep! I agree! However, who would they replace with? Any replacement from the same bunch would be no better than Abe.

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During the war the rank and file became disposable to the IJA,now they are becoming the same to the LDP.

Pretty edifying !! Thank you! I've always tried to convey this too .

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Long live Prime minister Abe!

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Abe has the usual load of luggage that goes with every prominent politician in every country, more than some, less than some. But overall. Abe remaining PM for as long as he has had made Japan much easier to work with instead of the decades of a revolving door.

As far as the U.S. is concerned;

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I wonder when someone will come along with the same old list of "achievements," i.e. record low unemployment, record low homeless, Olympics etc etc etc that they can't really argue had much to do with Abe, as a failed attempt to deflect attention away from the latest tale of the LDP sleaze and cronyism which Abe personifies.

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Yes, pls and change to a better political system.

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