BOJ's ultra-easy policy gets mixed marks; some urge more flexibility

By Kaori Kaneko

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Out of 37 economists who answered an extra question on Kuroda's management over the six years, one rated it "excellent" and 11 "good." Ten analysts each said "satisfactory" and "improvement needed". Five said "unsatisfactory."

12 on the plus side and 10 in the middle, and 15 one the minus Hmmm....

I think he should have his bonus cut!

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ON the minus! (sorry fat fingers this am!)

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"the central bank needs to take stock of why its policy has failed to achieve the desired results

That's easy: corporate greed and globalization. If workers aren't getting firm, regular raises, because their bosses prefer to hoard their sky-high profits, then hello, deflation!

Meanwhile, globalization cuts costs and prices to the bone. When your Uniqlo jeans are made in Bangladesh, guess what -- they are going to be a lot cheaper than the ones that used to be made in South Korea.

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the central bank needs to take stock of why its policy has failed to achieve the desired results 

In a normal, effective organization, that is common place and sense.

It does seem that with the BOJ everything is Kabuki. After all, they are just bank rolling the govt deficit, no.

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