Poll shows Koike's party threat to Abe

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Insert evil laugh

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So, how many parties has she belonged to? I'm not sure, but it's more than one or two.

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This election is going to be fun to watch. I am waiting to see who decides to run, and I'll tell ya, I am not leaning LDP!

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A telephone poll is not an election. The article states that 44% of people will vote for the LDP and only 8% intend to vote for the opposition. This seems about right because, as usual, only 50% of the population will get off their sofas to vote. This is how the LDP has kept power for so long. The people who are politically motivated always vote and mostly for the right-wing LDP and, the other apathetic complainers just sit at home watching karaoke TV waiting for the inevitable result to give them something to bitch about. I've often wondered how different the election results would be if voting was compulsory.

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and thats precisely why LDP has no interest in making election participation compulsory as in eg. Australia . They already get their organized vote out, just like Komeito. The majority of the couch potatoes would probably not be voting LDP hence the system is maintained as is for Jiminto,s benefit .

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People should learn from the US presidential election; polls don't mean a thing.

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But Koike stole his limelight by launching her party with the criticism that the pace of much-needed reforms under Abe's government is too slow.

Ok, this is a concern. Reforms too slow, as in Article 9? Has that been explicitly articulated to be saved or not? A more likely outcome is that Koike's party doesn't win but reduces LDP control. But if they're all pulling the same direction what's the point? Abe's mistake is clear now sure, but is the electorate merely swapping leaders of the same agenda and pretending that's change? Are people not seeing through this?

Japan needs a social democratic option that doesn't implode on itself and looks for work by switching sides. Too bad there wasn't someone who thought of Japan's future in mind

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The reforms Koike wants are far broader than symbolic constitution changes.

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The liberal/socialist influence in Japanese politics has basically been ruined after the tie-up between Party of Hope and DP! Just about anything can happen in Japanese politics from now. We should not exclude a prospect of a possible merger between the Party of Hope and the LDP, to form a sole "single-party state".  Both Koike and Abe has aspirations about a more "big-government"-system in Japan.

Like, a merger between DP and Party of Hope was as unlikely as it could get in the first place! Conservative and right-drawn Party of Hope meet liberal and left-drawn DP. It shouldn't be possible in the first place. I know Abe is too dominant, but to dissolve the whole of Japan's Liberal/Social-democratic-movement in order to tear him down, just seems a bit too desperate! 

Now we have 2 conservative right-drawn parties instead of just one. From my point of view, the Japanese Communist Party seems just as viable as Party of Hope and LDP. Especially now when they're the only real "liberal" ones in the houses!

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This tie-up between Party of Hope and DP has basically ruined Liberal/Social-democratic aspects of Japanese politics for the time being. Like, for a social-democratic party as DP to unite with the complete opposite party ideology as Party of Hope just in order to tear Abe down, seems a bit fishy and too desperate!

Like, I know Abe and LDP is too dominant, but to tarnish the whole Liberal/Social-democratic-movement of Japan just to get rid of Abe is just utterly inexblicably done. As things are looking out now, anything can happen! We should not exclude a prospect of a possible merger between Party of Hope and LDP to form a sole "single-party state". Abe and Koike are both members of Nippon Kaigi, who expresses support for a "big government"-system in Japan!

The Communist Party of Japan are now proving themselves as just as a viable party as LDP and Party of Hope since they are probably the most stable ones in term of ideology and policy-stances!

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The fool in me always hopes at election time that maybe, just maybe the candidate that wins will make a difference for the better and be the one the country needs.

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Japan is fat and torpid. Rich in waste, bloated and top-heavy. Every pol and party is the party of big-government. Borrowing and spending. Hashimoto was kind of a cutter. But he was also a blowhard. The early DPJ talked a little about system change. But Hatoyama was an arrogant fop. DP had one chance and blew it. Japan is not much of a democracy. They force it on people at train stations but people just believe in consensus. Consensus is anti-democratic and anti-principle. So the left wing can give it up and become rigt wing nationalists overnight. OH well. Best give up. There may be a crash some day though, no? Can Japan is this big and profligate with no economic consequences?

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This is not the right time for division in Japan with the threat of NK.  This lady is nothing but a troublemaker and unable to finish what she starts. Having the backing of Mr. Ozawa another Chinese sympathizer in the name of self profits behind the scenes working with Koike as a puppet for the DP is clearly visible.  Another time perhaps but not most certainly not now.  How quickly the people forget the Khan, Hatoyoma past PM's and the rubble of trouble they left behind in Okinawa and Fukishima and now Ms Koike is leaving the fish market an open trouble now stirring up trouble elsewhere. No thank you, definitely a no confidence vote for Koike or Ozawa.

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Did Koike visit Chinese embassy to celebrate with Chinese people of their national day ? If not, then I don't think she will win.

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For the love of my adopted country Japan, I strongly wish that the status quo remain. It would just be a couple of yrs for the Olympic. The Jpoliticians shld focus more on that event to make it more successful and foil the plans of would be disrupters if there are any. Being a woman, I have that fleeting wish too for a female PM. But this is Japan! And no matter what I still would really want a male PM. Not that a woman can't do the job. There are some traits that only a man can do well. I stand for female equality in work places and in education. And I was in awe I hear the UK's female PM talked then. I maybe bash but this is my opinion only.

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I shld have inserted evertime.

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