Pompeo in Japan to discuss N Korea en route to Pyongyang

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Abe certainly looks happier with Pompeo than he did with Christine Lagarde.

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I agree 100% with Trevor Peace. Two leaders on the same page, 2 nations who are best friends, have much in common and much optimism for future relationship. Unlike out of touch, Undemocratic IMF. I like Michael Pompeo.

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Pompeo should also sound Kim Jong Un about urgent necessity of releasing the abducted Japanese nationals without further delay to assuage the offended feelings of JAPAN on this issue .

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More cheaper circus of Trump strategy to use this puppet Pompeo, Japan of Abe to pay more all of what Trump is planning to get payed, the trade balance, pay 100% for USA military to protect Japan, reparation of ww2 war to NK and more to SK or China, all of them to be payed by Abe when 10% taxation will be executed and what aren't the multiplication of national bond each year Abe is doing with his administration. Aren't them abnormal? A single dude governing long period to say OK sir! to Trump, and plenty of issues will be the domestic burder Abe is going to do next generations to pay back(?), really insane this administration trajectory and just sad Japanese citizens only follow Abe's policy bc he is the only one to govern Japan, all by LDP.

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In any discussion about DPRK politicians of any nation must take into consideration their historical relationship with Korea. If any nation committed crimes against humanity they must be resolved to the satisfaction of the victim nation.

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