Pressure on U.S. as global economy meetings near end


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America defaulted in the 1790. It partially defaulted in the 1930s when FDR seized American's gold and again in 1971 when it went off the gold standard.

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You also forget Quantitative Easing QE. Every dollar printed is a dollar defaulted upon. That's literally over a trillion dollar of default.

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I think that the republican party is going to derail the world economy and destroy the US because they are not getting their way. What a bunch of idiots.

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CUBANO- and the White House has no hand in this? It is standing for what they believe in politically. Seems they wanted to negotiate and Obama was denying negociations. Not to mention spending more on shutting down and guarding National Parks and Monuments from the public.

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First you want to blame Bush for everything and now you have Obama until this mid-year, blamed everything on Bush, NOW you want to blame everything still on the Republicans, so you are trying to say, the Dems have nothing to do with the economy or shutdown or anything, the last 5 years. So when do liberals and Obama want to take responsibility? Like...never? The real idiots are the people that are running the show in the WH.

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