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TPP could be revived at Asia-Pacific meeting

By Matthew Tostevin

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More power to them. Regional cooperation, like the US has with NAFTA, is in Japan's bests interests. Building stronger partnerships through trade will benefit all!

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Common Japanese and Vietnamese tend to have negative ideas about Chinese, thus they are moving towards each other.

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I hope Abe is sincere in TPP.

Otherwise, Abe shouldn't waste his time.

Abe shouldn't spend anytime to undercut China.

What is Japan's future without China?

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A noble effort for the future of Asia. Let's hope that Japan and South Korea will be more positive acts.

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Pushing TPP forward could help Japan's position in negotiating a bilateral deal with the United States, said Nguyen Xuan Thanh of the Harvard Kennedy School. The same would apply for Vietnam, he said.

"It's part of the game," he told Reuters. "You don't want to be seen as desperate for bilateral deals."

Well, if it's obvious enough to make such a comment, it'll be obvious to Trump that you're desperate. But Trump also wants bilateral deals with countries in the first place, so I don't get all of these "games" being played. He literally favored bilateral trade over the TPP or other deals. If ultimately it's about accessing the US market (which it is, that's why the TPP is nothing without the US), then it's better to just talk to the US rather than posturing. They better hurry too, since China has been gaming too, by already agreeing on allowing US beef and other agricultural products to be sold there (the same type of products that are politically sensitive elsewhere, if you know what I mean.....).

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