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Pro-casino lawmakers to tweak bill to let Japanese gamble


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To a gambling addict an entrance fee is not going to stop them from hitting the tables or slots.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

unlocking a gaming market that analysts say will be worth tens of billions of dollars a year.

Those "tens of billions of dollars a year" will be dollars taken away from hundreds of other legitimate businesses. The gambling barons do not generate wealth, they suck it out of society like a leech.

12 ( +14 / -2 )

You already let Japanese nationals gamble their lives away! Maybe you've seen these places, they are called pachinko parlors, bicycle & boat & horse racing! You know, those upstanding establishments rumored to be run by your national mafia.

Who actually gains from the casinos? The govt and gangsters or the public? Locally owned businesses could go bankrupt. Those who might eat out at a restaurant might now spend money at a casino. Casinos tend to buy products by import rather than products produced domestically. Increased police spending and transportation costs will rise. Tourists could come and spend most of their time and money in the casino, not around the community. And will casinos raise property costs or improve their surroundings?

Here's a saying about Atlantic City in the US, "But look at Atlantic City. It used to be a slum by the sea, and now, it's a slum by the sea with casinos."

Now, Las Vegas was built on gambling. It has grown and created jobs, but also has a high rate of suicides, violent crime, and a high rate of depression. In other areas, casinos do create jobs, has gotten others off of unemployment, but wages are low and crime skyrocketed.

Also, once casinos are approved, various laws will be amended so casinos can skirt them in order to maximize profits, which has happened where casinos pop up. Air, noise pollution laws are usual victims. An area's infrastructure will be like an overloaded electrical outlet.

Said an official who approved casinos in their country years later, "I'd tell anyone who was thinking of opening their community to casino gambling to have his head examined."

6 ( +7 / -1 )

Oh yes, this is the solution to the ageing population and low birth rate, the failing schools, the economic slump, and political vacuum. Open casinos so the sheeple can stay oblivious to the mess around them. Abe is a master of pulling wool over the peoples' eyes.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Japan needs this like it needs a hole in its head! WTF!

5 ( +6 / -1 )

japan needs casinos like a dog needs more fleas! They already admit there is a growing gambling problem within the society and have done bugger all about it. Now, they wanna build casinos and expect an entrance fee to solve the gambling addictions? No idea!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Gambling? I don't condemn people who gamble. Given my preference, I would prefer to watch paint dry than go to a slot machine.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Hmmm...Japanese lawmakers + gambling industry + historically well-established organised crime links to gambling industry? What could possibly go wrong?

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Why do we need this?

Japan doesn't need any more gambling.

We've already got Pachinko, Motor Boat Racing and a Stock Market.

And, of course, there is the gamble of whether Japan will survive Wunderkind Abe!

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Even if casino bill passed, but many people will be against such casino on everyone's backyard as children are walking around there. It seems there is almost no place to build it up in their area. Maybe build up casino in some isolated islets very far from the mainland.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

James Packer (co-owner of MelcoCrown) has already been in talks with the Japanese govt., so love them or hate them - they're coming! The challenge will be keeping the Yaks out of it, but I don't see this happening...

2 ( +2 / -0 )


Now, Las Vegas was built on gambling. It has grown and created jobs, but also has a high rate of suicides, violent crime, and a high rate of depression. In other areas, casinos do create jobs, has gotten others off of unemployment, but wages are low and crime skyrocketed.


Get data of your claim, especially suicide and depression, (Las Vegas)

-4 ( +0 / -4 )


Maybe build up casino in some isolated islets very far from the mainland.

They'll probably force it on Okinawa.

They don't care what happens down here.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )


I guess Iwo-jima or Ogasawara islets must be the best place for casino. These belong to Tokyo.

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There is no benefits for the tax payer just for local, international criminal and political figures. Who the hell wants a magnet for people to loose money? I can guarantee we will be reading stories about baby's left in cars, suicides, robbires and violence who is the winner? The owner and who gets a pay out.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

The top opposition organization, Pachinko related assoc. and yakuzas in Tokyo and Osaka.

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gonna have to start saving some extra cash as I can see some rather cheap houses coming on the market

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Hi, @toshiko...

Actually, google Laa Vegas and suicide rate and you'll find articles from 2004, 2008, 2011, and so on:




2 ( +2 / -0 )

It seems there are plenty of casinos already in that area of the world. Adding some in Japan isn't going to draw a lot of additional international tourists. Instead I predict that the majority of gamblers in the casino will be Japanese nationals. While they could be domestic tourists, zootmoney's point would still be valid: Japanese earnings spent in Japanese casinos means that other Japanese businesses are seeing reduced revenue. The net result will be a wash for Japan's overall economy.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

@harveyL thank you, I did not know Vegas has more suicide than Japan as LVRJ never writes suicide story and Nat'l magazine keeps writing Henderson is the best place in USA to retire.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Dear, PM tourists won't come to Japan for to play Casino. Tourists come to Japan for to visit Japanese ancient city like Kyoto, Naha, Fuji and sightseeing other historical places. Japan is the country rich in history. Almost all historical places and arts are well maintained in original condition. Young peoples come for shopping in place like Akihabara, Ginza and have fun in Roppongi.

No argue about Government can collect tax but Casino operators will suck all Japanese citizens’ blood until no drop has left. Singapore Government’s gaming revenue from Casino dropped 20 percent in 2013. Singapore Casino is only relying on tourists and international high rollers gamblers. Only limited Singaporean gamblers have playing in Casino. Singapore Government knows gambling is bad for Singaporean society and so to deter Singaporeans from gambling in Casino Government has collect $ 100 entrance fee for Singaporeans but free entry for foreigners.

I must suggest if PM Abe and pro Casino MPs are very much fancy about Casino and then they should go to Las Vegas or Macau with their family and enjoy there. Government is like a parent to its citizens. Government is responsible for its citizen’s welfare and their well being under its cares.

Casino does not help country economy. You have to go to Las Vegas and have a look how many addict gamblers live underground in Las Vegas. How many families have broken up because of gambling addition? National suicide rate will be rocking after Casino opened in Japan.

James Parker and Las Vegas vultures are mouth watering Japanese peoples hard earn money for sometime now. I have no doubt about pro Casino Politicians will benefit from opening Casino in Japan but I don’t know how they will receive their fair share from Casino operators. Japanese peoples do not let Politicians sold them to morally corrupted Casino vultures.

PM Abe and Politicians should not forget you all have moral responsibility and ethical duty to doing right thing for country and peoples. You must work hard if you need money. Now you’re telling Japanese children, we must open gambling den because our country need money. You and you’re Politicians are designing next generation of Japanese youth to becoming lazy and sleazy. There will be no Noble Prize awards winners from Japan decades after you and pro Casino MP left politic. Japan can make tons of money by hard working, hi-tech invention and renovation but not by sleazy character.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Eventhough prohibited I have never lived in a country with so many gambler addicts (pachinko). Having a framed and hopefully not corrupt system would 1) bring the profit to the state and 2) reduce the mafia power. But this would need to be enforced...............!

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

Sngapore regulations

The government, which makes citizens and permanent residents pay a casino entry levy of S$100 a day or S$2000 for an annual pass as part of efforts to deter problem gambling, shows no sign of abandoning its support for the two resorts.

But Las Vegas Sands and Genting Singapore could see fewer locals in their casinos under the new rules and risk much costlier punishments for breaking them.

The operators, which have been fined for admitting minors and failing to collect the levy for the government, will face a maximum penalty of 10 per cent of annual gross gaming revenue. The current cap on fines is S$1 million but, if fully enforced, the new ceiling could be closer to S$200 million.

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Heard of a couple in San Jose CA (relatives of a friend) who lost their house and bank accounts gambling. (Adult) kids took control of their accounts but it was too late. At least a few hundred thousand down the toilet (much more if you consider what house would appreciate to by now). And they lost it at card clubs, not slots! (San Jose only has card/poker clubs.)

Wonder what happens when the computer game generations hit retirement age. Will they still want to play slots? Video game consoles are a lot cheaper and you get free play after initial investment.

Casinos are like a private tax on the public that chooses to play. Kind of funny that government allows competition for what it probably views as its birthright, squeezing coin out of citizens, but I guess to them it is just another way to get tax monies. Any turnover is good turnover if you can tax it.

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No economy ever gambled its way to prosperity

1 ( +3 / -2 )

@kobuta: Are you against Japan gambling or opposing?Why you want Japanese official visit Las Vegas? Have you ever visitd Vegas and NV State office? .

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

"market researchers say Japan’s 128 million people would still be the main source of revenue for casinos."

When you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud too.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Visiting Las Vegas and talking to the officials there would be a GOOD thing. Unlike most of their talks which are PR-oriented, there would be no need to sugarcoat the problems with having legal casinos in the city with potential counterparts.

Las Vegas has a program where gambling addicts can have their names added to a "persona non grata" list at all the casinos to help prevent them from entering when their willpower collapses. And yet, there are STILL police calls where someone slips in anyway, then gets aggressive when they lose what they've managed to earn or borrow. I cannot understand that kind of compulsion and I hope to God I never do.

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In past, the countries that has strong casino opposition big shots sent them to Vegas, After Vegas visit and learned NV State Tax system, these countries had easy legalization of Casinos. I checked Las Vegas suicide rate locally. Not what someone claimed. Sorry but Japan has more suicide than Vegas.

If you are in Tokyo, checj /Suniyoshi kai, Inagawa Ikka, Kyokuto gumi, and Anegasaki Ikka. Their headuarters have larrge placard in front ot their headquarters. Someone there will talk to you how they hate casino gambling law/, Just place your index finger to your nose. Illegal gambling operation is their main and traditional business for generations..

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Lot of people are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and now government is considering gambling which is more potent addiction then all other combine.

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The gaming industry’s economic impacts don’t look the same everywhere in the world. What seems clear, though, is that making casinos a growth for the economy is a risky bet.The situation in Japan has a lot to do with geography and with its citizens enjoying a high standard of living, that city does not have to rely solely on its casinos for economic development. The casinos do create social woes and economic burdens as well. Most likely, the casino gambling will costs taxpayers much more than the amount that it generates in state taxes, because it tends to cause an increase in social welfare costs, regulatory costs, criminal justice costs and infrastructure costs. Gambling addiction has been linked to job loss.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

gamble addicted people. How you will help Japanese wealthy people addicted to Yakuza's illegal gambling operation every night? Corporation presidents, etc.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I think this article should be under Crime instead of Politics. :)

Casinos in parts of the US are closing because they sucked the community dry. Low wage service workers are losing those precious working poor jobs.

Casinos owners are looking for a fresh host, just like all parasites do.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Abe was claiming in the Diet the other day that casinos would help grow the Japanese economy, but this is only true if the customers come from outside of Japan.

Abe now wants to allow Japanese to gamble in the casinos, something that will not aid the Japanese economy, but will add to casino profits and, via "donations", increase LDP funds.

It's clear that the main revenue source for these casinos will be Japanese customers and not tourists from overseas. Komeito are supposedly against this, but will they vote accordingly, or will they roll over as the LDP lapdogs once again?

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these Casinos proposing Casinos in Tokyo and Osaka are not used to invite locals. They succeeded in Macao, Singapore and other SE Asian countries and they are more interested in Northern Chinese billionaires and millionaires who gamble heaby on huge casinos. Northern Chinese gamblers like less hotter Japan than Macao, Singapore etc.

Here is Nevada tState Tzx system. No State Income Tax. No State corporation Tax (means any corporations setteled in Nevada does not have to pay businsess tax, nor income tax, Casino pays gaming tzxc. Huge. business that operate slot and video poker pays annual gambling tax for each machines Ii think $150 per machine, but I am not sure I don;t re,e,ber)/ On-line poker operating business pay gambling fees, too.

Security officers in casinos do not carry guns and if situation in which guns are needed, local police dept is called. In Nevada, if you are not a driver, you can not stay in a parked car even you are old and wants to take a na in the car. So, security officers in each story parking area make sure no one in the car in parked cars.

Never dress up nice to go to casinos or you will be mistaken as tourists.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

casino's are never good ideas, they leach funds from the people they are supposed to supply money to, they increase addiction and then you have the unsupervised children - left to the side as the parent(s) gamble. then come home and say- sorry no money for food today.

you see people with little money and the elderly playing for the chance to win, but then gambling away all the savings and increasing credit card debt because they never hit the big time - almost- but never quite made it.

Japan will be ripe pickings, and the tourist trade will swell the ranks as well, but if you want to see Japanese savings decrease then sure open a casino and fund the yakuza - just like the mafia over here still in charge of casino's

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It seems that Japanese Diet willl discuss to make gambling legal first

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

If Gambling is good and then it will be written in all religions' text books and Bible. Buddha will encourage peoples to gamble all their hard earn money if Gambling was good but Buddha had prohibited peoples from gambling, alcohol consuming and other sin.

Dear Abe, don't destroy Japanese society and Japanese economy. Gambling is addictive. Addiction will make peoples lazy and sleazy. Productivity will fall if employees become lazy and not come to work. Women will look for prostitution for money. Employees will steal money from Company when they can’t find any money from family’s members. Employees will steal Company secrete and sell to rival foreign Company for gambling money. There’s nothing good about gambling for society, economy and Japanese Companies. It’s naive and unwise to saying Casino resorts would help the economy by boosting tourism.

The tax from Casino revenue is coming from hard working Japanese family. James Parker and Las Vegas Vultures are not interesting in money from tourists and they are seriously interesting and greedy in money of Japanese citizens. Casino operators know their Casino will fill with Japanese peoples and not tourists.

Japanese citizens should go to see MP in their electorate and demand opposing to Casino bill in Diet. Anti-Casino Japanese Citizen should organize street rally and go demonstration against Casino bill in front of Diet building. Politicians have deaf ear and you have to shout extra loud to them listen what Japanese peoples are talking to them.

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Tokyo ..... Odaiba is candicate. Last meeting in Japan, Sands said it was going to invest 10 billion dollars. Wynn and MGM said they will work with Japanese organizations for their plan of Casino building. Then Mitsui expressed that it will build casinos. Osaka was not in talks. However, Caesars Palace expressed intewrests in Psaka. So far, Caesars hasn't expanded to S E Asia.

Casinos need big spaces to build their casinos. So, Sands created a bay in Singapore. Created Marina Bay Sands. BTW, we say Las Vegas Las Vegas but there are two areas called Las Vegas. One is Las Vegas City that is not what you people hear. Las Vegas Blvd area in Clark County has nick name of Sin City. These huge high rise casinos are on Vegas Strip. Nick name is Sin City. 24 hours a day city. Used to claim Capitpl; pf gambling in the world but ever since Macao sprouted, Entertainment City of the world. Many analysts and media here think Tokyo will replace the title from Macao as Chinese gamblers love less hot Japanese weather than Macao .

Religeon in gambling state? Mormon missions and Catholic churches all over. Why Catholic Churches When Mafias dominated Vegas gambling scenes, Sicilian Mafias and Catholic Churches came. Just like Japanese yakuzas use temples and shrines for their gambling area. Their territory is called Niwa-ba came from shrine area words. Terasen for entrace fees came from Temple entrance money. As a matter of fact, Tekiyas and religeous organizations together operated festioval business. Tekiya means Target shooting business. Also, lotterlies cxalled tomplukujis by shrines and temples. So, Japanese Diet will take more time to define gambles to legalize gambling. Then define Casino business.

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Casinos induces crime and mental illness in gambling addicts who are easily losing control over their behavior. Casino industry makes billions from addiction..

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@24psot: Soomer or later, Japan will create Gaming Control Board so that high rise hotels will have casinos inside. And rich people who are already addicted will become casinos' table game gamblers. If you are concerned about addicts, you can create associations and do volunteer works to help those addicts. Dr. M Adelson in Vegas created such organization and helping addicts, many are high income Hollywood stars moved to NV becaise tjere is no istate ncome tax in NV. Well, more than half of people are alcoholics there. You can help gambl;e addicted people. I don't think there will be Addict none grata lists in Japan as there is no such thing in Vegas as Casino business has all you can eat buffets, swiming pools, and shopping centers more than betting areas. Theaters, etc. What local people do? They put about 5 dollars in slot or video poker machines, play 1 ro 2 times, get refund credit to cashier, receive free soda and get free t-shirt or shoulder bags and get money back. They get mails of two for one dinner coupons and that is it. Vegas is hot so t-shirt of casino logo is more fashionable. Then they go to casino with empty stomach and get al l you can eat bufetts. There you can eat anything including caviers and shrimps. huge Mongolisn teriyaki steaks, etc. Tourists spend money so it is OK. Just don't forget rich addices you can find in Yakuza's illegal gambling areas.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Lawmakers have said the second bill could include ... measures to help gambling addicts

lose all their money.

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