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Protesters gather as G7 leaders arrive in Germany


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So they wasted all that fossil fuel to travel with private jets all around the world to discuss banning fossil fuels for everyone except them. Got it.

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Once upon a time, I volunteered for Oxfam, loitering outside post offices, trusty collection box in hand.

Oxfam was a charity then, not any more, Oxfam is has adopted a politically motivated agenda, that might come some way to explain the lack of support, 4000 Protesters?

Anyway, moving on, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and his predecessor Angela Merkel have locked the EU into financing Russian President Putin war machine. Putin has overwhelming/unassailable control over EU energy security.

At the turn of a switch Putin can strangle the EU energy market until the pips squeak.

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The US pet nursery are gathering, again..

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I don't notice anyone complaining about putin

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With higher costs maybe they could have done it by Zoom.

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Who is paying the protestors? Who has the time and desire to protest full-time with their own money?

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Protesters are demanding to phase out fossil fuels. 80% of the world's energy is still fueled by fossil fuels. Good luck heating your home in winter with solar, wind, and rolling blackouts.

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Remember when it was the G8? Russia was booted due to its invasion of Crimea. Russia has been expelled from most international organizations. At least it still has BRICS (ha!).

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Lots of the G7 leader's are in political trouble,lost mandate in Italy and France and England, Merkel towering over Trump a picture,the world will never forget.

This is why we’re seeing an increase in anti-defamation laws. The “leaders” are ineffectual at solving real problems. People are now understanding this and so the answer is? Censorship!

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Could this be possible! These men on the street in 21st century heard nothing of this yet, that Socialism is dead!

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The rapid rising price and energy crisis are due to the invasion. I suggest that protesters gather before the Russian Embassy or Consulates.

And don't worry, it's basically safe to do so in Germany, much unlike "there" people being poisoned or taken away from streets into detention without warrants.

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When Biden and Trudeau get in a room with five other world leaders, there's no limit to the nothing that can be achieved

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That photo is amazing! Gold!

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Lots of the G7 leader's are in political trouble,lost mandate in Italy and France and England, Merkel towering over Trump a picture,the world will never forget

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Fifteen groups critical of globalization, from the international Attac network to the environmental organization WWF, called on people to participate in demonstrations for this weekend’s summit.

A lot of these groups are a controlled opposition.

The G7 corporate oligarchies have more in common with the Russian oligarchs they profess to be fighting than with their own people. They use the same financial mechanisms to sequester their wealth.


And the pandemic and now Ukraine are great opportunities for wealth transfers from the public treasuries to corporations, shepherded by the democratic leaders.


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Yet again G7 leaders show a callous disregard for their own citizens as they waste not only tax payers’ money but precious resources jetting around the world for their ineffectual meetings

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Low turnout - surprising? Germans can hardly be genuine protesters when they know they are almost entirely responsible for funding the war in Ukraine. German car makers also recently tore up agreement to phase out gasoline cars by 2035, and instead of restarting zero emission nuclear plants, Germany is restarting coal plants.

Not only this, Germany has started hoovering up cheap energy from Africa, pushing inflation through the roof in poor African nations that can't afford it.

Shame on the host.

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