Public support for Hatoyama plunges


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At least his Mum still loves him!

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Hatoyama is delivering as much "change" as Obama is. People expected a lot from both leaders but not much has materialized. What a disappointing way to end the year.

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Surprise! Surprise! So the honeymoon is over for the Hatoyama cabinet, so welcome to the real world of politics!

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I bet them that disapprove of his handling of the Okinawa issue aren't from Okinawa. .. unless it is Okinawans that wanted him to tell the US that the decision is made.. the base must be moved off the Island.. aw

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Still enjoying HIGH approval rating...may start worrying after four years when it may reach single digit.

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The guy has done nothing so far except break election promises. Get ready for more revolving PMs, as no politician in this country seems up to the role of leader.

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I think we, the public, expect too much. There is not such a thing as a quick fix to such issues. It's just been....how many months now? Give me a break!

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Alright people I think we all know what is happening here. The DPJ is rockin' your world.

The Proffessor is right. Cleaning up the bloody shambles the LDP put Japan in will take time.

And now, it's time to take apart this supposed survey, with yet another sample size too small to be of any significance.

Public support for Japan’s prime minister has plunged to 48%, falling below the crucial 50% mark...a poll of the Asahi survey’s size would generally have a 3 percentage point margin of error

Not so crucial anymore, are ya 50% mark? And since when was 50% crucial? I thought you said 30% was crucial.

Bah. Fact is, everybody loves the DPJ. Go team.

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You go rogue. You seem like true believer who is not dissuaded by the facts. I am a pretty liberal guy as far as Obama goes, but with Hatoyama and the DPJ, you are on your own.

Bentheredonethat: How dare you! Obama, in his first three months had international and domestic initiatives going strong. I did not see ANY backpedalling from what he campaigned on. And he did NOT promise pie in the sky such as free highways. I do agree that this DPJ has been quite bad, breaking campaign promises and pushing forward nothing. With scandals. It is unfair to compare the administrations, I think. I never had the sense with Obama that there was a lot of inertia, or waiting around. The DPJ, on the other hand, seems to be dead in the water... and flip flopping.

I am one of those 14% who have lost patience with Hatoyama and crew. I did not leave them, they left me. I am not sure I like being on this side of the fence, but my conscience moves me. Somebody please give me a reason to like the DPJ! One good solid reason.

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with Hatoyama and the DPJ, you are on your own

Can't you read? Everybody loves the DPJ.

I am one of those 14% who have lost patience with Hatoyama and crew

So who then? Please propose an alternative instead of empty criticism. Or better yet, why don't you try to take the helm? After the DPJ gives you the vote and you can register the sole vote for the shambles that is SpeedRacer.

Somebody please give me a reason to like the DPJ! One good solid reason.

What's the point. Going around in circles with you. I've given you several already but you can't read.

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48% is a HUGE number for a Japanese PM. Don't forget that fella from the 80's who stayed in cabinet with only an 8% approval rating.

Hatoyama still has a very long way to fall. And I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

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It's only natural that support would go down after a new government, promising so much, takes office.

I think the problem is the rapid plunge; they've been in office for about 3 months and already down approx. 14%.

Somebody please give me a reason to like the DPJ! One good solid reason.

They're not the LDP, SDP, Communist Party, or the Happiness Realization Party? People here were hungry for change and true leadership, but alas, they didn't have much to choose from, and the DPJ was the least of like 5 evils.

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And I'm going to enjoy every moment of it.

To distract from your own failings?

Do you want the LDP back in? Good luck with that one anytime soon.

All hail the DPJ.

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It's that damn paradise island down south that's responsible for this temporary defection in complete and total support. If they don't like their Blue Seal ice cream and spacious beaches I welcome them to the concrete jungle where they will have to work longer and eat more cup noodles.

I say threaten to let them go and watch them shut up. Japan stole Okinawa a couple hundred years ago - threaten to give it back.

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Can you name any grand initiative that Obama has realized? Yes, he rejected some of Bush's policies but he has also continued many of Bush's policies. Climate? Health Care? The 2 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Guantanamo? Regulating the financial industry? The unaccomplished list is endless.

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Speaking from an analyst's perspective, the DPJ has come to a rude awakening as to how Japan is governed. They are finding out there are two entrenched interest groups of incalculable influence in Japan - the LDP and the US Govt.. It will take up to a year for the DPJ to even start to understand how deep the influence is and how it manifests itself in politics.

Just reading JT between the lines, the presence is overwhelming.

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48% is pretty good considering that the Aso was at less than 10% at one point. However, he's pretty promises left right and center and the Japanese aren't happy with it. To be honest, I am rather shocked that they are noticing he's breaking promises and getting upset over it. Only took them what, 50 years to rid of the idiots before him.

So... I think he needs to cough up this money for the kids, figure out what to do about the Okinawa issue and makes the highways free (which I think is dumb but anwyay...).

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Surprise, surprise! I guess the general public are also aware of all his false election promises Free highways and increased family payments were the backbone of his economic reform campaign and they were also the first to be postponed. Bye, bye Hatoyama.

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time to clean out your locker, Hato-whatever

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Benthere... I will be happy to. This is very vague and off the top of my head. I am not a pundit, but I will tell you what I see.

I like what he has done with disarmament with the Russians. He said he was going to do it. He proposed it. It is underway. He has moved throughout the world talking with leaders and coordinating various financial measures for the bailouts, recovery, etc.

He has appointed good solid people, and as far as I know, they have all been approved and have said generally reasonable things to the public. I have confidence in these people.

Health care. Said he was going to do it, and so it goes. Not the best we could have hoped for, but he has not backed down, he has moved through all the vitriol to bring this thing to a vote.

Hilary is moving around and doing her thing in China, Europe, Africa, the Middle East.

Various bailouts have been done, which might become messy, but ...

Cash for clunkers. boom bam done. Success.

Really. My point is not that Obama has changed the world in one year. My point is that he has not reneged on ANYTHING, he has proposed reasonable and viable policies, and he is following through. THAT is the contrast with the DPJ. In the Marines, you learn to move forward, or move back, but mostly move forward. Obama is a Marine. Hatoyama is meat on a stick.

Fair enough?

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Oh. Benthere. Really, of course the UNACCOMPLISHED list is endless for Obama, but he has another seven years. That is really not my point at all. I will just make this clear with a reference to rogue.

Here is what rogue says: "Going around in circles with you. I've given you several already but you can't read."

Yeah. Ask anyone on JT. I can't read. It is obvious. I am illiterate. You can tell I have never read a book in my life just by the way I type. Just so everyone knows the score, Rogue has given me NOT ONE thing that the DPJ has done or plans to do or promised to do that it has not eliminated, reneged on, etc. I am not exaggerating. Zilch. On another thread, he said something to the effect that the DPJ eliminated the LDP wasteful public works projects. But it hasn't. And in fact, it was announced yesterday that the DPJ is going to be putting 1 trillion in block grants to municipalities... for public projects. He sees change. I see more of the same.

Now other than that, and his chearleading notwithstanding, Rogue is mute.

Can anyone ELSE give me a reason to like the DPJ? Give me a vague list like I gave for Obama above. I would love to see it. I am not a partisan hack. I am the real deal. I gave the DPJ a chance, and now I see a bunch of bunglers. What am I not seeing?

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Ok. Thanks for trying Gaijinocchio. Here are two things that I hear in favor of the DPJ. They are both pretty weak.

The DPJ are not x. They are not the LDP, or Communists, etc. But is that really valid? During the election, nobody really thought anybody but the LDP or DPJ would actually win. So it comes down to THEY ARE NOT THE LDP. Well, this is really hard to argue, but let's just say that the LDP could "deal with" the bureaucrats and the US and whoever else. I trust the bureaucrats to know better than anyone what is going on. If the DPJ is going to fight the bureaucrats, then there will be national paralysis and the DPJ will lose. Even if the DPJ wins, we won't be better off because the people who know how to get things done will be in opposition to them. If the DPJ is NOT going to fight the bureaucrats, then they might as well be the LDP. Ozawa's pronouncements that the DPJ will accept "the government's decision" on fiscal matters sounds to me as though he has already given up. If so, we can kiss "change" goodbye, people.

Give the DPJ more time, things will get better. Well, that would be true if they could stick to their guns. Just for instance, Obama and healthcare, or Roosevelt and WPA, etc. Those were unpopular ideas, but you get points for sticking with them. You have to butt heads and make deals to earn your seat. The DPJ is just throwing its hands up in the air and punting on every one of its campaign promises and policies. I think every last one. How much more time will help them if they are going nowhere? Soon, their political capital will have been wasted and they won't be ABLE to force change or coordinate themselves. People will defect to other parties, etc. What then? People took a big chance on the DPJ by giving up the relative stability of the LDP. What did they get? Nothing. Bye bye.
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I think it's so funny... These people that are so behind Hatoyama, and at one point (if still not today) were comparing Hatoyama's victory, akin to Obama election in the U.S.... Ridiculous....

There's absolutely no comparison, what-so-ever... Hatoyama was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth, he's pure-breed politician, mommy and daddy at every fork in the road to care for his every need.

Hatoyama, doesn't really know what he wants, all he knows is that he's not going to do anything the way the LDP did... Even without knowing why... Have fun...! I think it will be curious to see where he and his party are in another year... I'm betting it will be a repeat of the last time, some other party controlled japan, very very short-lived... I give him another year, or until the next election, he and his party will be "Day Old Pizza!"

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maybe people dont like the fact that he cheated on his taxes

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To distract from your own failings?

Not at all bold sir; to complement them.

All hail the DPJ.

You mean: all hail the LDP-Lite.

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Bring back Koizumi!!

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A Jiji poll asked respondents who they think is the most influential actor in the government. 71% said Ozawa. Hatoyama was second, with 10%.

Hatoyama needs to give the perception he hasn't allowed a political vacuum to form and allowed Ozawa's charisma to fill it.


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Rogue: "The Proffessor is right. Cleaning up the bloody shambles the LDP put Japan in will take time."

You've already taken a severe and deserved beating from SpeedRacer, so I'll only say that of COURSE it's going to take time to clean up the mess the LDP left, but clearly Hatoyama is proving that he is not the man to do it, and hence the surge backwards in terms of popularity. This isn't a statement on the DPJ, either, again it's simply an opinion poll on their leader.

In fact, I wouldn't worry your pretty little head, and you don't need to be so adamant in your denial; there's a very good chance that Hatoyama will step down and Ozawa take his place in the future, or at the latest in the next election, which has been part of the plan since he was dropped by scandal to 'next in command'.

BenThere: Are you guys seriously so lacking in self-confidence and suffering insecurity that you have to bring Obama into EVERY thread on Japanese politics?? Obama has NOTHING to do with this. I'm glad SpeedRacer give your head the shake it needed though.

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You've already taken a severe and deserved beating from SpeedRacer

You've got to be joking. I've stopped reading his incoherent rambling since he fails to really address any questions I ask of him.

But game on smithy.

the surge backwards in terms of popularity

This happens everywhere anytime someone is elected. Starts off high and then drifts down when you can't please everyone.

Do you want Aso back in? You can discuss together which common-use kanji you can't read. Or do you just like to whinge?

I do agree Obama has no place in this conversation though.

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Different party, same rich politicians.

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I read the newspaper this morning and my head exploded. This is the official line of the day, apparently. And I do emphasize DAY here, because it could all change tomorrow... well... the day after tomorrow.

Cigarette tax: To be announced, but something like another 100 yen per pack. Well maybe. That seems to be another trial balloon. I see nothing definite. And the DPJ is the majority, so why is this not definite?

Kids disbursement: Back on track? Hatoyama says that it will go through with no income limit. Who knows what Ozawa will say about this come budget time. To be announced. You would think that "giving away money" would get enough support that this could be nailed down... but no...

Gas tax: Lowered or repealed? Who knows. Ozawa will let the "government decide." Hatoyama apparently has apologized for breaking his promise on it. So really, does that mean he gave up? This was supposed to be decided for the 2010FY budget, and time is running out.

Environment tax: This has officially been put off for another year.

Highways: This was a non-starter, right? This is dead, right?

So I didn't want to do Rogue's homework for him, but it looks like the tobacco tax is the only thing that they are even close to firm on. And I do agree that he needs to keep Obama out of the discussion. I believe I was goaded into bringing Obama in by someone's challenge that, "Hey! What did Obama do and start in his first three months??" My answer was "Plenty."

Seriously, if we are already back to "Hey. It is better than the LDP." then someone is just damning the DPJ with faint praise. I would damn them with something else. The DPJ has got to shape up.

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I read the newspaper this morning and my head exploded

Calm down, everything will be alright. Have a cigarette or something while they're cheap.

I see nothing definite.

I want my decisions and I want them today! That's how you run a a country! Ram it through or you'll lose my vote. Oops......I don't have one. Why is it taking so long for the DPJ to give me this right?

And I do agree that he needs to keep Obama out of the discussion.

Statements like this are why I shouldn't bother with you. You can't read. You misquote. You run away from threads.

The DPJ has got to shape up.

Or what? What are you going to do? Vote?

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Hatoyama and his party are still far better than the rightwing extremist nutjob zombies in Komeito.

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I think that the thread is finished, but the story and the theme continue. From what I see in the comments above, I am not alone in feeling this way. This news story will snowball through January and February as the entire nation does a face-palm.

The disappointment is palpable. I saw it in the news coverage today as the talking heads of the DPJ tried to softsoap this.

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I think that the thread is finished

Oh that's what you think.

From what I see in the comments above, I am not alone in feeling this way.

So what? And what if you were? Would it make your opinion any less valid? I'm guessing it would in your case.

The disappointment is palpable.

The only disappointment is your failure to answer the questions I ask of you.

I don't know why you and other similarly misguided souls aren't more supportive of the Democratic Party Time.

Now if you voted for them, which you didn't, I could understand why you'd be upset that petrol is not coming down for example. Move on. Taxes will cover only half of next year's budget. Even if highway tolls stay? Good. Just how long do you want to take to get from A to B with all the extra cars on the road anyway? They already have the 1000 yen all you can party on select days.

I could go on and on.....and I will. Later.

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The story will not only snowball through January and February. The turning point will be in August. Will the DPJ stay the biggest? Or will the LDP be back again? Those bureaucrats are holding back any knowledge, information, plans or funding right now. Hoping the LDP will take over again in August. But what if the DPJ stays at the helm? Then what!!! What will those "powerful" bureaucrats do then?

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