Putin may delay Japan visit over Tokyo's Ukraine sanctions


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We should give Putin an "exclusive" tour of Yoyogi Park - he can have it all to himself.....the mosquitos can keep him company!

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Michael Grant, you sound like you've already been bitten and need proper medical attention.

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Oh Lordy Lordy, Putin is considering not going to Japan, what ever will Tokyo do?

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Kindly don't come at all. There's a good megalomaniac.

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Tokyo should cancel Putin visit. Man doesn't have anything to offer Japan; its not in his power to give the Northern Islands back to Japan. All he will do, as the past leaders of USSR and Russia did, is to dangle the carrot in front of the Japanese. Nothing good will come out of his visit. Tokyo can save a few yen by telling Putin to visit North Korea or China.

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Putin, stay home. Asia has no need of your petty pouts. We have the pudgy Un, after all. No more pics of Putin and his moobs! Ugh!

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Japan should be revoked invitation to Vladimir Putin. Putin visiting to Tokyo will be look like Hitler visitng to Japan. Hitler reincarnated with Putin body. If you don't stop Putin now and then the world will regret it later. He initiated with Ukraine and then whole Europe later its Asia neighbors. Putin is only Russia leader who threatening with nuclear weapon to civilized world after cold war era.

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Kobuta ChanSep. 13, 2014 - 06:24AM JST Japan should be revoked invitation to Vladimir Putin.

How are you going to do that? Problem is that most of the nuclear powerplants in Japan is shut down after Fukushima disaster. Japan needs oil and LNG, and they depend on Russia for their needs. The average household utility cost in Japan rose almost 10 percent since last year.

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Does anyone in Japan actually give a stuff if that jiggling-moob megalomaniac goes to Japan or not?

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Everything which Abe did stopped half-way so Putin has no idea what he can do to deal with Japan!

Abe wants to get along with Russia stopped half-way; Abe wants to cooperate with Euro imposing sanction on Russia stopped half-way; Abe wants to sign TPP with US stopped half-way; Abe wants to compromise with SK stopped half-way; Abe wants to send soldiers to help the US_ stopped half-way(or except ISIS?).... if you were Putin, how can you understand Japan who neither go forward nor go backward?

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Putin may delay/cancel his trip to Japan as a result of the Japanese rightfully imposing sanctions on Moscow for the Russian actions in Ukraine but this all boils down to ONE thing; the Northern Territories.

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The trip may be delayed, but it won't be cancelled. The two may disagree on the fate of the Kuriles/Northern Territories and Japan may be siding with the West for the sake of the U.S-Japan alliance, but in the long-term the two need each other. Russia needs Japanese FDI to help in developing the Russian Far east to aid in diversifying its economy and stemming the flow of Chinese pouring over the border into Siberia. And, Japan, by cutting a deal with Russia over the Kuriles will effectively secure its northern border for it can turn its full attention to the south to deal with Chinese expansion. Japan will also benefit by securing a flow of Russian natural resources and allowing MNC's opportunity to cash in.

Both have an interest in balancing against China. Russia may be cozy with China now, but it doesn't trust long-term Chinese intentions in the Russian Far East. Japan and Russia need each other for sound economic and security reasons. All the haggling over Ukraine is mere semantics and politicking that will be set aside in due course.

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"Russia seized the islands - known as the Southern Kuriles in Russia and the Northern Territories in Japan - near the end of the war"

And, incredibly, they still haven't returned them.

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And, incredibly, they still haven't returned them.

Incredibly, South Korea still haven't returned Dokdo. Incredibly, US army didn't left Okinawa even in 60-80-th, when in East Asia was little chance of Chinese agression and okinawans wanted to leave 'em alone. :)

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