Potential candidates to succeed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe are, clockwise from top left: Shigeru Ishiba, Fumio Kishida, Toshimitsu Motegi, Yoshihide Suga and Taro Kono Photo: KYODO

Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run

By Shingo Ito and Sara Hussein

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I keep seeing Yuriko Koike being mentioned as a suitable successor to Abe, but she would need to be elected to the Diet before the LDP leadership election and, of course, join the LDP. Why Koike, though? Apart from her gender and the fact she's had a good COVID-19 crisis she's no different from the other candidates. She's elderly, she's an active member of Nippon Kaigi and she would do exactly what any other LDP leader would do.

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kono would definitely be the best choice!

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On what basis? Having the Koizumi name? His looks? His Yasukuni visits? Using the word "sexy" when talking about the environment? His youth? It's not an easy job,as Abe lovers will attest to up on here.

Probably his shotgun marriage.

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And JT you have Suga & Kono incorrectly named below your picture LOL!!!

Nope. Says clockwise.

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Actually, it really doesn't matter who becomes PM. Japan will be Japan, and always function within written and unwritten rules. The man's looks and height are never taken into consideration like U.S. candidates. I doubt if anything will change, except if Trump makes it again, Japan will get bigger bills for security. If Biden, they'll work it out fairly, and revive trade again.

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I wonder if Yuriko Koike is even thinking of giving up the Tokyo mayor's job and running for PM?

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folks is wont matter one bit who replaces abe sadly, this train of lameness is endless

And JT you have Suga & Kono incorrectly named below your picture LOL!!!

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Combover has to win. These days you can’t be a country leader without a ridiculous hairdo.

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What difference does my opinion make?

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Ishiba is my man

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Kishida has been set up to be the next leader so baring a massive shock, which won’t happen, Kishida will be the next PM.

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Any of the potential except: Fumio Kishida. Guaranteed win for China and the beginning of the end of Japan.

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I bet the next PM will be Taro Kono or is it Kono Taro?

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RecklessToday  04:07 pm JST

At least Abe-san is photogenic.

That has to be a joke, surely.

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Suganomics and Kotonomics could nicely replace Abenomics..

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Well said. Being considered good looking is hardly an open and shut case for being given leadership of a major country. The old men on offer inspire little hope, that's for sure. But throwing in some young dude who's done nothing of any actual substance (someone please correct me, if you can think of something), and gives every appearance of being far short of "intellectual heavyweight status" (to put it as nicely as possible), would be a mistake.

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It seems like a lot of JT posters judge people on their looks.

That ain't a good look.

In consensus building Japan, the leader has been decided many moons ago.

If I had to decide just based on a feeling that he is a pretty good guy, Kono has genuine cool.

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Kono is the most likely choice, I think.

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A wise choice would be Koizumi.

On what basis? Having the Koizumi name? His looks? His Yasukuni visits? Using the word "sexy" when talking about the environment? His youth? It's not an easy job,as Abe lovers will attest to up on here.

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The comments say there weirdest things as if they don't understand how the rules works. Firstly the LDP is still in charge of Japan until next year. So Abe replacement still has to be a member of the LDP party. Secondly this replacement will only be temproarily for 1 year until the general election next year happen where everyone can try their luck. So when comments like "where are the females candidates?" are just ignorant. The only available female choice from LDP is Seiko Noda.

And reason why Koike was not even a choice was because she went againt the party and run for governor in Tokyo and even created her own party in 2017 which had failed miserably. Right now her main concern is to mend ties with the LDP. So unless she decide to rejoin the LDP, she was never even a option. Her only only is to wait till the 4 year terms of the LDP expired and she try her luck in 2021.

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At last some good news. I hope he means it!

We need someone serious and competent to get us out of this mess.

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Where is Seiko Noda's picture given she is the only woman mentioned in the text?

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Where is Muto Keiji?

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How about choosing a woman for the job? Are there any candidates?

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Sorry, I did not see the very light grey text below the photos.

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There is light at the end of the tunnel....wait a minute?, that's a train coming !!!!!

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Same ol same ol this Country needs young blood not another Oyaji that is set in their ways..

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Taro Kono will be the future Prime Minister or someone with the name of Taro, for example Piko Taro would be suitable.

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It would be advantageous to include women in the shortlist for the Successor to Mr Abe in the position as Prime Minister. There are some eligible women that could do this job in Japan at this time. Why not give them an opportunity?

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I hope the Japanese political center does not go back to the unstable hullabaloo that categorized it before Abe.

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Food, Aso is not running.

Isn't Koike having a go?

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They all look like old men??? Hope this isn't the actual list of candidates where are the woman and younger people. LDP is looking like they are stuck in the past. Japan needs somebody fresh to take the reins and lead it into the future not another grandfather to sit still and avoid all the issues with the somebody else can deal with it mentality.

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Finance Minister Taro Aso, himself a former prime minister and long considered a likely successor to Abe, has announced he will not stand.

Best news I've heard lately.

Patricia YarrowToday  03:58 pm JST

Who is in the running? Where is Koizumi?

Too young in terms of experience. Eventually though.

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Kono would be the best choice.

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“Popularity with voters” doesnt really matter in Japan. LDP will automatically win even if they have 1% voter support. Voting is pretty much just for show.

Pretty much just down to negotiations between the various political families.

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The race to succeed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe kicked off informally on Saturday, with several contenders announcing their plans to stand, a day after Japan's longest-serving leader announced his resignation.

Just for a quick note to the novice; the coming race will elect the next LDP President, not PM (who will be chosen in Diet, approved by Emperor). True, the LDP president will almost always assume premiership and form the cabinet, considering the current Diet composition (predominated by LDP members).

Abe's ruling Liberal Democratic Party could opt for a more traditional leadership election, involving lawmakers but also members of the party nationwide.

This is perhaps Ishiba's preference. He is said to be popular in local chapters as once outnumbering Abe in the past election (defeated by "in-house" vote among LDP lawmakers in Diet). Usually one can get overall approval, and stronger mandate and publicity through a nationwide campaign.

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Good news at least. Same mask different face.

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Hope not. Don’t want to look at Shigeru’s puffy face for the next four years. Dude needs to lay off the sake

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A wise choice would be Koizumi. Would be a good direction for the country in times such as these. The rest of these candidates seem like the same old direction and a repeat of the same for the a long time to come.

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I'm just glad Aso is not running for the job. He was seriously conservative and that's the last thing Japan needs to break out of its mold of being frozen in the 90s and 00s.

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All old men. Nothing changes. At least Aso isn’t standing, that would be a disaster. I sincerely hope Motegi is not in the running

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Suga is a just a backroom worker, keeping them all in line, characterless; but they might let him have the top job for a few months as a reward. Announcing the new era as Reiwa was his most recognisable achievement, along with his length of job tenure.

Backroom negotiations will be in full flow, as rewards are offered, debts are called in, as the Kasumigaseki Two-Step plays out once more.

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Oh no. Men men men men men. Oji oji oji oji oji.


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Americans Most Wanted.

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Wow, so much diverity on offer there...

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At least Abe-san is photogenic. It will be depressing to look at those faces like mug shots.

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The photo is captioned, you can read that.

As long as the PM is not a member of the Nippon Kaigi

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Who is in the running? Where is Koizumi? The seven men's (Ms. Noda is not even shown) names are in kanji. Where is the ENGLISH on this ENGLISH site? Did I miss something?

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