Racing to beat China, Abe sweetens bid for Indonesia rail project


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so he dispatched a special envoy to meet President Joko Widodo

A couple of hostesses and a bag full of cash

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I feel truly sorry for the great majority of Indonesians. The corrupt regime of Widodo should be ensuring citizens have safe drinking water, sewage and hospitals BEFORE taking out 50-year-loans to build fast-trains that they cannot even afford.

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Indonesia has hired Boston Consulting Group to evaluate the two proposals and is set to announce a winner soon.

Still the biggest brown bag will win it.

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If you do the math, if the cost is the same then you'll be paying 2889% more in interest for the PRC offer.

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I'm too uninformed about the Widodo regime to make a call concerning its level of corruption, but IMO this issue is a hard call.

I totally agree that drinking water, sewage and hospitals are essential. But the potential economic gains of building this kind of infrastructure, especially in a developing country, can boost its economy such that the time required for completing infrastructure projects of the above sorts might end up being shortened. The Tokaido Shinkansen was massive for Japan 50 years ago, not many would argue against the claim that it played a role as a key propellant for Japan's economic feat (Koudo-Keizai Seichou ).

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an interest rate of 0.1%? why not just make it interest-free. the gov't is hardly looking to make a profit here so why not just insure that the money will be repaid?

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In their quest to get the cheapest deal, the Indonesian have inadvertently put themselves in a bind.The solution is obviously to award to this first line to Japan and promise PRC a second line, if they (PRC) can get the reported safety issue of a recent major rail accident sorted out including transparent reporting made public.

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Boston Consulting Group ie scheduled to visit Japan and China to inspect railroads and trains these two countries created for transportation of cargos and also how people are riding,

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indonesia should award this project to japan.

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BMW here in Japan offers similar low interest loans to potential buyers. Basically it's the same thing. BOJ with very low interbank interest rates Japan can offer such loans.

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So in other words this is going to be like the "Bribing Olympics"? Perhaps Japan and China can compete using a business version of the limbo dance, seeing to what levels they will stoop to win this project. Let's just hope Tokyo sends a lithe young contortionist, rather than a sumo star!

This could be the biggest bribe spectacular since FIFA decided on Qatar for the World Cup, or the US won the Salt Lake Olympics. Everything should be off the table except for the large brown paper bags of non-sequential bills, greenbacks only I'm afraid, bursaries to elite universities optional.

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@Hongo: Write links that found how much bribes are given by countries you mentioned. Thank you.

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Maybe a repeat of omote nashi.

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Omoyenashi? @tararae. You mean bowing to tell welcome?

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Indo need a very fast goods transport system not a very fast passage system.

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@John-SanAUG. 30, 2015 - 06:45PM JST Indo need a very fast goods transport system not a very fast passage system.


transport means both cargo and passengers transport, Nih budget that it will never asopt old old USA choo choo trains for passengers. Both countries are offerring transportation system for both cargo and passengers.

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