Reconstruction agency official suspended over Twitter tirade about Fukushima


A senior official of the Reconstruction Agency has been suspended for 30 days over his Twitter tirade against Fukushima victims of the March 11, 2011 disaster.

In a posting on the micro-blogging site earlier this month, Yasuhisa Mizuno said citizen groups demanding measures to protect people against radiation were leftists. "I can’t help but only feel pity for their lack of intelligence,” he wrote, under the handle @jp1tej.

Reconstruction minister Takumi Nemoto, who oversees the agency employing Mizuno, apologized for the remarks on Monday. On Friday, he said the Reconstruction Agency takes its responsibility seriously and that Mizumo's remarks had cast doubts on the agency's sincerity about helping victims of the disaster, Sankei Shimbun reported.

Nemoto added that he will forgo his salary for one month to take responsibility.

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1 month?? ohhhhhh he's so sorry, isn't he? I hate it when I see people who make comments like this. NO ONE has the right to say ANYTHING to these people. They lost everything and they are fighting tooth and nail to bring back even small piece of normality into their lives as this Nemoto gets to sit in his house that he was most likely NOT evicted from because of the Earthquake during his suspension.

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One month! They should fire the insensitive SOB, take away his house, vacation houses, cars, and make him live in a school for a few years.

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Wrong guy. The guy taking the one month salary cut is boss of the guy who did the deed. Just because you feel sorry for the people who lost "everything" doesn't mean they can't be idiots at times like all people. Sounds more like Mizuno-san was frustrated since there isn't much he can do protect people from "radiation". The problem is going to persist for a long time to come. Probably the people what to be moved or compensated so they could move. Not an unreasonable request but it goes against government policy trapping Mizuno-san in a dilemma. Do what's right or follow the order. The leftist comment is out of left field. (sorry) Must be a rightist, so sacrifice for the nation. But the people don't want to die or get sick. They just want to go on with their lives....somewhere else most likely.

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Geez....a one month vacation ( no doubt fully paid ). How tough.

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I bet he still gets paid for it. You really gotta wonder what it takes to get fired for a politician.

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Sadly it's not only him, I guess most of the LDP leaning bureaucrats see it that way, that why things keep on going as usual even after the disaster is unfoalding daily.... And imagine that we have over 50 reactors in this country... And all or most a incompetent... Shiny future for my kids here!!!!

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He should be made to sleep in a Fukushima homeless shelter for at least two weeks...maybe a month. Why do people look up to such an embarrassment of a human being?

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