Redistricting law to reduce lower house seats takes effect


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But it still is a 2-1 disparity. Thus Mr. Abe has promised to help farmers affected by the trade deal just struck with the EU. Nothing about helping those living in cities, where they always get the short end of the stick!

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just under the 2-to-1 threshold that the Supreme Court has said would undermine the Japanese Constitution's guarantee of equality for all under the law.

Only in Japan a 2-to-1 threshold is accepted as constitutional.

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The LDP always do the absolute minimum to ensure they continue to benefit from the biased voting system.

There is no reason to wait until the 2020 census to redraw the seat boundaries: the populations of each district are known quite accurately thanks to the resident registration system. But waiting a few more years before doing anything will give the LDP an advantage in the next election.

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