U.S. envoy arrives in S Korea; will visit Tokyo next


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At least we don’t have to worry about Donny coughing up more concessions to Kim.

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I do agree Trump has given Kim to many concessions, legalize Kim legitimacy by meeting him multiple times, willing to stop or reduce military drills.

Kim in front of his people has been reaffirmed as the Great leader by this meetings not only with Trump, but he met with Xi and Putin, even Abe is willing to meet with him.

What has he given up exactly? How many nukes did the destroy?

This young leader who many like to make fun of because of his age, look, stories being told, is able to outwit and outdo other countries.

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US policy towards North Korea under the Trump adnministration has been, as Trump himself likes to say "a complete disaster. A disaster". He has in fell swoop undermined all previous admnistrations' actions since the Korean War ended.

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In private, I imagine there will be a LOT of apologizing for the disastrous Trump presidency. Besides his lose-lose trade policies, at this point South Korea and Japan have to be worried about Putin telling Trump to abandon them.

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