Mayor in western Tokyo to resign over sexual harassment


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urged ? what kind of law is that ?

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Takahashi has said he will not step down immediately as he will make efforts to restore public trust first. 

Spoken like a true Japanese politician. Dude, you obviously don't get it, they dont trust you, if they did, they wouldn't have had an investigation into your actions!

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urged ? what kind of law is that ?

If you have been following along on all the recent stories regarding politicians and bureaucrats in this country being accused of sexual harassment you would know there is no law regarding the issue.

Hence the "urge". If he does not resign, and it comes down to it, the opposition parties will force a recall election and he will probably lose!

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Politicians aren't really accountable for their corruption but now we are seeing they can be accountable for their sleazy actions. That's a positive thing.

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"I think there was a misunderstanding," he said.

"I might have touched them unintentionally at an office party but I haven't treated workers with any sexual interest," he added.

Mayor Kunihiko Takahashi,what do you call a rape victim an unwilling sperm recipient?

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Why do taxpayers have to put up with morons like this guy?

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This country is way behind everyone else in this matter.

Jeez...I'm even embarrassed for them. Absolutely clueless about the proper treatment of women in the workplace.

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Urged to resign? What about indictment? Prosecution. How will others learn to behave if the perps don't get punished?

Takahashi has said he will not step down immediately as he will make efforts to restore public trust first. He has said he will then consider what to do by hearing the opinions of citizens and supporters.

This guy is on drugs. Obviously he isn't sorry for his actions.

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Quite refreshing that an internal investigation ended up finding the mayor guilty. These are usually designed to whitewash the findings and find people not guilty, e.g. Abe, MF, Sony, Toshiba, Olympus, etc..

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There are some parts in the probe I can't agree with," Takahashi said during a separate news conference, calling one alleged victim "someone who is quick to assume.

What an arrogant SoB.

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Why do taxpayers have to put up with morons like this guy?

Because a lot of tax payers really don't care how men treat women. Look at Trump for a fine example of a well known pig who still gets voted in.

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I hate sexual harrasment especially involving politicians, but I think the media should bring out the news after the trial is over and all of  the accused (not only on this case) are proven guilty.

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Innocent until proven guilty please. I mean official process to assess his responsibility. Not a bunch of other politicians for such allegations.

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It makes everyone not liable for their claims and deeds on both sides...

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This metoo rubbish is going too far, now just because some people who have taken things the wrong way complain people can lose their job!

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Brings the question up: why are prefecture and cities run with a presidential system rather than the parliamentary system done at national level? A city PM (council leader) could be taken out by a vote of no confidence rather than waiting months or years for a recall, recount, lawyers, etc. Presidential systems don't work - look at many African and south American countries. The only country that hasn't devolved to dictatorship with that system is the US. Sorry, polisci major...just had to point that out.

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It’s amazing how some po-LIE-ticians always talk about restoring the public’s trust or confidence, as if to say the public are a bunch of brainless zombies incapable of seeing through the ploy to main remain in office or power so they can continue doing the exact same thing.

Are the Japanese people that naive?? :-/

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I think that the Japanese in upper class thinks they could do what ever they want. Thus the Japanese culture sometimes look down on women. I suppose

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