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Taiwan's Lai thanks Japan for TSMC expansion support


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Good to see allies cooperating.

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Good to see allies cooperating.

Sure, @TaiwanIsChina..

Good for Japan..

Good for Chinese province of Taiwan..

Good for China..

Get used to it..

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TokyoLivingToday 07:20 am JST

You won't see TSMC come under the control of the PRC. Maybe some flaming wreckage of what used to be TSMC.

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I lived in Taiwan for a few years in the '80s, back when the elderly still spoke mainly Japanese. Taiwanese memories of the Japanese occupation tend to be somewhat positive - there really was no war and little persecution, and the occupiers brought in much development to what hitherto had been an ignored backwater. That is one reason why relations are so tight today.

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TokyoLivingToday 07:20 am JST

Very very happy for Taiwan-Japan's joint developments in major chip productions INSIDE Japan! Will be fantastic for Japan's semiconductor industry and the overall economy and workforces for many years to come.

TSMC will never be part of CCP - that's the realty. Whether you like it or not.

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Certainly, Taiwan without TSMC and semiconductor companies in general, would have far less appeal to China. Clearly, world of tech's the world of power, banks hardly matter now = cockroach parasites create no value.

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There is a foundry in China which is partially owned by the government, SMIC although not as advanced as TSMC. No semiconductor company outside of China will use this foundry, unless they want their designs be "reversed engineered" few days after they sent their mask designs for fabrication.

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