Japan to join U.S.-led economic framework during Biden visit


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For What more free trade agreement ?

TPP, RCEP, EPA...and now IPEF ?

"Free" Trade Agreement is pure Poison for Japanese Economy. Only China and U.S. will take advantage.

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My experience tells me health insurance companies want a bigger share of the Japanese market.

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While growing this partnership between the US and Japan is a good move the last person Japan should listen to is Biden considering what his policies have done to the US economy

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This is all about containment of China in terms of financial protection for the mega rich across the world before and during a potential war in the future.

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The agreement underscores how the US and the West have recently woken up to the China threat, which I warned about around 10 years ago. I wonder if it were not for Trump, this new stance would take time in coming. Today, I don't see the Dems rushing to remove the Trump tariffs on Beijing, after all.

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Like a willing slave to his master.,...

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Equal access to markets for all, without any govt subsidies. Seems pretty simple. Japan and China won't allow that. The US should not allow subsidies on foods like they do through many different farm programs.

I doubt US products will compete on price alone in other countries. Just look at the difficulty that Tesla has in China. Perhaps 20% of the issues are really true issues and the other 80% are ways to slow down Tesla while domestic Chinese, supported by the CCP, competition gets a foothold because family has CCP contacts.

And let me know when Google, Facebook, and all other crap platforms are allowed in China without censorship for true things.

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Not a gambler, But I bet Biden won’t come due to a suspected NK nuke or ballistic missile test.

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For every pact or treaty, a country is giving away a certain degree of sovereignty, independence, and freedom. The UK broke away from the EU because they cannot decide for themselves without getting the consent of member countries. All their initiatives, political, military and economic actions are always subject to the rules and by-laws of the pact or treaty they are a party of. All these trade agreements can be summed up as an effort to establish global governance. Trump was America first so he withdrew from the TPP.

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Japan to join US-led economic framework during US president's visit:

This must be already a foregone conclusion.

Why not just say Japan would certainly follow any US-led economic policy, without any question asked, without any hesitation..?

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