China submits application to join TPP free trade deal


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It was pretty shocking when the US suddenly dropped out of the partnership in the name of unilateral deals over multilateral ones. They really shot themselves in the foot.

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If China becomes aggressive, uses force, joining the TPP won't mean anything.

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Did they submit any references with their application? Yes? North Korea? Check. Myanmar? Check. Taliban? Check. Somalia? Check. Iran? Check. That's it???

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Personally I’d like to think we can do without them after the way they have behaved to us the last 12-18 months, but if they were to join the TPP they’d need to implement some serious reforms, last paragraph says it all really.

“Compared with some advanced countries such as Japan, China falls behind in liberalizing market access while the Asian economic powerhouse faces other obstacles, such as reforms of preferential treatment for state-run companies and state subsidies to meet the standard shared among TPP members.”

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It seems to me China wants to be a leader of TTP in the future and China never obeys/follows the TPP agreement. China just wants to control TPP for its own advantage.

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Keep these clowns out.

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China will not keep to the rules and will bully or corrupt as necessary to change them in its favour.

They are desperate to join before Taiwan can so they can block them. Better to invite Taiwan in first, a liberal democracy, an innovative and free market economy.

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Complying with the high-standard rules is a pre requisite. Fail. there the door, tell your story walking China.

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If you wanted to laugh hard, this is a great article to read. Man this is good!

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Sorry. Only free and fair democratic nations should be allowed to join. Join a trade pact with Commie nations, China.

And they must be PACIFIC nations too, which should count the UK out. They should make a trade pact with their fellow European nations.

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With what’s going on between Australia and China, this will cool things down to be in a partnership. It’s an olive twig.

China has out maneuvered the US within the WTO framework, rewriting many trade and commercial rules. Then the WTO is no longer taken seriously.

TPP was an idea that was supposed to hem China in and draw the member states closer to the US and each other. Then the US leaves and China encroaches upon the club designed to keep China out. I don’t think Trump knew what a TPP was.

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The UK and Taiwan will most likely join the TPP as regular members ahead of China. Beijing insisting on "One China" will end up retracting its application.

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@Big Chungus

You do know that TPP member Vietnam is a communist red menance also don't you? So much so that the US & Australia fought a war to stop the "domino" effect of communism. Well Vietnam soundly defeated the US and Australia (and the Afghans did also, with UK and the rest of Nato in too) . So those countries should be careful if they are going to take on a country which is very, very much stronger.

Trade deals trump (sic) nuclear subs.

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According to the Chinese ministry, Chinese Commerce Minister Wang Wentao and Damien O'Connor, New Zealand's trade and export minister, spoke on the phone to discuss necessary procedures.

This says all you really need to know. China has NZ's far-left government over a barrel, even more so than other countries. The CCP says jump, NZ begs to know how high.

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Letting the Chinese in is a bad bad idea

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Are you really unaware that "one China" was first proclaimed in Taiwan by Chiang Kai Shek after the retreat of the Republic of China forces to Taiwan in 1949?

This claim was recognized by the UN until the 1970s.

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It seems to me Taiwan doesn't care about one China any more. Time has changed. Taiwan is more independent state today but PRC doesn't accept it. So Taiwan should be joined in TPP whatever PRC says.

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Unlike conventional free trade pacts, TPP covers much wider areas namely intellectual property rights and transparent investment. China as a statist economy is incompatible with TPP's core principle. Under Xi its economy is getting less liberal and more Maoistic. The application form may be thrown into the dustbin.

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Step one. Have Taiwan join the TPP.

Set specific, requirements for human rights, basic freedoms, including freedom of expression, freedom to assemble, freedom to access, learn, and teach, freedom of/from religion, full internet for citizens, unlimited outside company's access to mainland Chinese markets without the govt allowed to produce anti-competitive propaganda against those entities, and non-offensive nuclear capability as part of the requirements to join. Australia might need to leave under the same conditions and the US wouldn't be allowed to join.

Have China commit to resolve all disputed islands, "water features" and land borders as determined by international courts. That would work for everyone, right? Most of the existing countries want to settle those things through international negotiations and both India and Nepal would be happier.

Have a membership court decide all trade disagreements by a simple majority and a 1 yr requirement to leave the agreement.

I'm still waiting for China to "discover" some really old document that shows Afghanistan was part of China 3500 yrs ago, so it is still part of "China".

Then Taiwan just needs to gain recognition as a state in the UN and bam - they are a state, recognized by CCP-China.

What else does China do that most other TPP countries do not allow? Can those be addressed? Illegal fishing? International bullying to prevent contracts with Taiwan?

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No way. Keep them out. They'll just break all the rules, create internal trade barriers (eg. "this form wasn't signed clearly enough, and you didn't get the correct stamp, so your shipment of 30,000 car seats cannot be off-loaded..."). They're snakes in the grass and have shown themselves to be deceitful, inhumane and subversive.

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"This says all you really need to know. China has NZ's far-left government over a barrel, even more so than other countries. The CCP says jump, NZ begs to know how high."

For starters, NZ Labour is not far-left, quite the contrary, it's fiscally conservative and still puts the interest of corporations and the wealthy ahead of the general population, but it is painfully woke.

More importantly, and to your point:) China also had the last govt (National, a highly conservative govt) over a much bigger barrel. John Key the ex PM considers Xi Jinping to be a friend. Also, they had a bonafide Chinese spy in their government! Google it if you don't believe me.

NZ has been increasingly at the behest of China ever since they signed a free trade agreement with them. It's a deal with the devil.

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Ha ha ha

Can I fix this?

China submits application to join the “can I make the lowest quality crap to sell to lowincome world” TPP free trade deal

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So Taiwan should be joined in TPP whatever PRC says.


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"require unanimous approval from the 11 member countries"

Japan wouldn't say no

Australia, you know what to do

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China submits application to join the “can I make the lowest quality crap to sell to lowincome world” TPP free trade deal

You're thinking of Walmart or Daiso products but that's not real China's value. They supply what is needed for manufacturing and industrial output for the major countries.

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Keep China out. Boycott China trade and contacts. China is run by pure evil.

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Step one. Have Taiwan join the TPP.

No. That is step 2.

Step 1 - All other nations in the TPP show some backbone and recognize Taiwan diplomatically, as a sovereign nation. It is a disgrace they all recognize PRC as one, but not Taiwan.

Step 2 - Immediately accept Taiwan into the TPP.

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The Chinese are and always have been traders, master traders, and have rarely sought empire with the sword. But Chinese business people must be VERY good to stir up as much angst as we see expressed here deprecating their request simply to participate in world trade. But then there are also all of the countries which China has invaded and mercilessly bombed innocent civilians in the last sixty years. And of course the large numbers of Chinese police who shoot down unarmed citizens daily in the streets. And the thousands and thousands of dispossessed citizens living in makeshift shelters, tents, and cardboard boxes in all of their cities with no services whatsoever and increasing as their parasites steal more and more, and simply being shoveled off the sidewalks when some local pol wants votes . Or being destroyed internally by a designed program of alienation, operated by their 'ally' and chief parasite. which is driving them into anomie and an increasing danger to the rest of the world as desperation becomes the national mood. Oh yeah, beware of China...

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I heard China can't join the TPP unless all TPP members agree about it. A few South Asian countries probably would not agree.

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So they think they have a good chance of getting in..


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So they think they have a good chance of getting in..

Money is mightier than the sword.

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Money is mightier than the sword.


And they also have a mighty sword if needed.

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Keep Evil China OUT!!! We got enough of their crap already!!!!

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I say let them in but not allowed to vote. If Taimwan in they should speak for China as they are the real China.

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China is evil trader, dumping cheap, ultra-cheap goods all over world, killing every others nations manufacturing -China amass wealth, speculates, bad guy. Do not let them in. Boycott China, Chinese gooods, chinese trade.

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 Boycott China, Chinese gooods, chinese trade.

I'll think about it if you can convince me that you are boycotting Chinese good and trade yourself.

How do you do it?

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ian, with difficulty and persistence. The very ubiquity of cheap Chinese goods is indicative of the problem we have created for ourselves. Now is the time to break the addiction.

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I'll think about it if you can convince me that you are boycotting Chinese good and trade yourself.

How do you do it?

See the arrogance..... You mean World trade will become ZERO if they dont trade with China? Ridiculous....

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Why not ???

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If you're an American, pick up any random manufactured object in front of you and see if it has a 'made in' label. Rarely it may say "Hecho en Mexico". Even more rarely it may say "Made in the USA". Most often it will say "Made in China" and imported by AMERICANS who have moved all of America's manufacturing industries to China to squeeze out a few cents more profit rather than pay Americans an American wage. Again, the quote from Pogo paraphrasing a famous American quotation from an unimportant victory in the Revolutionary War, "We have met the enemy and they is US". The China of today owes more to no one for its success than to American Corporate. If we want to do war with 'our enemies', we must start there.

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It is very gray area , economics and securities . CCP China is not to be trusted.

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