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Relocated Japan Cultural Affairs Agency opens in Kyoto


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Many more government agencies need to move out of Tokyo to other cities.

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Divisions in charge of copyright and issues related to the Japanese language will be among the sections that will remain in Tokyo, with the emptied offices formerly housing the other departments to be utilized as meeting spaces for other ministries.

In principle, it is a good thing but bureaucracy has the habit of just expanding itself wherever possible and this has that kind of smell about it. I hope someone will be counting the number of plane and shinkansen trips being made for "sensitive exchanges 'better conveyed in person,'" but I suspect they won't.

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Cultural affairs is a pretty wide net. I know they are focused on supporting higher status traditions, but the pictured team of white gloved officials pulling a rope to remove a piece of paper could use some cultural interpretation.

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It will time in the future where Japan will submit that office for UNESCO world heritage list, just like Japan did in the past.


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pleased to see they've moved into a 'traditional' building..... albeit not Japanese traditional....

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Looks like an interesting architecture . . . .

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I'm totally 100% sure the Minister, his advisors, staff, and all the high ranking bureaucrats working here won't at all be hitting the Shinkansen back to Tokyo every Friday afternoon


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 move its headquarters from the capital as part of the nation's push to boost the regions through decentralization.

Yeah, Kyoto really needs a boost, must be one of the poorest unvisited cities in Japan!

Didn't I hear that after the great Sendai earthquake in 2011, they were going to move departments out of Tokyo as a safety precaution, "don't put all your eggs in one basket" That being the case, it only took them 12 years to move the first department! Way to go Japanese Government, didn't hang around on that one!

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How many bureaucrats does it take to pull a piece of paper of a wall wit a piece of string?

Why use one when four can do the same job ! ! !

Typical bureaucracy !

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I’ve long been for decentralization in an earthquake prone japan. I believe Japan should have two capitals, Tokyo and Osaka. In a serious natural disaster or war, we can still carry on.

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How many should-have-retired-long-ago-paper-pushers does it take to pull on a rope?

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I saw it on Google Maps, in the heart of Kyoto. Very good.

Japanese culture and capital should spread across the whole country.

Every japanese capital is a whole new universe to be explored.

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As Kyoto is pretty much bankrupt let’s hope the ministry is paying top whack to rent the property there

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