Rights group denounces Japanese envoy for comments on Myanmar Rohingya


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Gotta give diplomats a break though, they walk a very fine tight rope to maintain being diplomatic but staying politically correct.

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Japan is going to look pretty bad if Myanmar are judged to have committed genocide

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The Japanese government under Abe-san will doing anything to appease the Burma junta for economic benefits! This is  nothing strange and predicted!

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Another buffoon of a man in a position he's not fit for!

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Karen country.

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Tokyo-based human rights activists on Wednesday decried recent remarks by Japan's ambassador to Yangon, who told local media he did not think the Myanmar military committed genocide on the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country.

And he was right. There was and is no genocide. Yes, the Burmese military has been reacting harshly to Rohinga violence in the country, and I am sure there is a lot of suffering. But number of Rohingas keeps rising (high birthrate, polygamy, child brides, etc), and crying "genocide" cheapens the meaning of this very harsh word. The holocaust was a genocide, and the Ruanda Tutsi massacres were. These stupid activists should learn some perspective.

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Mike1492, what do you seek to convey by your comment?

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Why do a lots of Japanese politican suffer from Foot in mouth disease ,

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Japan projects, will be successful and Burmese people are accommodative, and good things that was given to them. Best wishes from Canada.

Lived until 1979, never heard of word Rohingya during 40 years !!! Myanmar's Eastern state is called Arakan state, people are called Arakanese. How the Rohingya and so called people exploded is the mystery.

In the north, Border between India side Moreh and across the border Burmese side called Tamu. Every day people from Tamu cross the tiny creek carrying foods, vegetables to the India side, Moreh, Manipur. Indians merchants arrive to Tamu to buy gem stones and others and return back by 5 p.m. as curfew starts 7 p.m.

Whereas, it is a different stories between Burma and Bangladesh....People crossing into Burma never appears to returned. Besides, Marrying into Burmese. Burmese marry one time in their life and have 2 children most. Whereas, Bangladeshi can marry and can have 5 wives. Converted to muslim, married Burmese women are left with their parents, to have another house hold in another village. This goes on and on and spread over all over country. When 1 Burmese family has in their life time 2 kids, whereas, Bangladesies will have 5 kids or more x 5 wives married in their life, doesn't match the population growth and that's what the Buddhist society cannot tolerate and real reason of explosion and Military stepped in.

Burmese Girls parents bear the burden of taking care of their daughters and the children and struggle life long. The answer to above mysteries and here is the answer.. Is there any one to hear cry of these innocent Burmese? This inhuman treatment of innocent Burmese was going on for decades and now, situation exploded, no body knows how to solve. One time in history of 1940s, Japan was ruler and surely should have records of the Arakan State.

Appreciate to Japan and it's people, for their contribution, genenorsity towards Burma, Myanmar and ever loving Burmese People, for taking a stand at their time of need.

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Lived until 1979, never heard of word Rohingya during 40 years !!! Myanmar's Eastern state is called Arakan state, people are called Arakanese. How the Rohingya and so called people exploded is the mystery.

In a state where the government refuses to acknowledge the word 'Rohingya', it's hardly surprising you're not aware of it. However, elsewhere, we are aware of it. British state documents and surveys going back 200 years record it's use, so we can dispense with the theory that it's a new word. The same documents reveal the etymology of the word. It means 'people of Arakan', so we can also dispense with the Myanmar government's claims that it's not the rightful name of the people of Arakan.

As for the (ahem) 'theory' that every Rohingya male is busy having 5 wives and 25 children while Buddhist males only have 2, I can guarantee that had the Muslims of Arakan been actually behaving that way for the many centuries of their settlement in the area, the Buddhist inhabitants would have been reduced to a tiny minority a long time ago. Since that hasn't happened, I think we also dispense with any ideas about virile Muslim men with an awful lot of leisure time striding across the countryside and impregnating everything in sight.

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