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Romanians apologize to Japan's prime minister over visit


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Nice of the Romanians to apologize as they have. The whole situation is a little bit embarrassing, but I don't expect it'll have any effect on relations between the two countries.

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JohnBecker, of course the relationship between the two countries will not be affected. The apology isn't official one.

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Apology? Abe probably relaxed and enjoyed u scheduled itinerant. But what is the nice people's country Roomania is!

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At least the Japanese won't claim the apology "isn't sincere" or "heartfelt".

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Haha! Good one!

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Good on them to apologize. I guess it was unfortunate timing for the political chaos

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Hey Ho, these things happen in democracies!

Very polite of the Rumanians.

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Edit - Romanians!

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What's the big deal? As a seasoned traveler, I've learned that you gotta be flexible. Plans change. Trains get delayed. Hotels overbook. Restrooms have no toilet paper. Just kick back at a cafe and enjoy the scenery that is life.

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Internal affairs of a country are not going to change just because the Japanese are in town.

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The investment money that Japan can bring to Romania may have influenced the sentiments in some corners

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yeah it's a case of " we are very sorry, now give us our 3 billion dollars that you give out wherever you go"

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Europe is falling down a bad path where disrespect have touch the eastern part. This is racism problem and pro white movement going underground.

To be honest disrespect is general, but western countries have diplomates to hide it better. The newcomers, they don't understand the real danger of harboring those kind of emotions to foreigners.

The time where the male and even more the white male was the world only ruler is coming fast to an end. Adjust to the changing time is the only way to be part of the peacefull world of tomorrow.

Mr Abe is well groom diplomate who perfectly know how to respond to this kind of US army attitude. Nobody can beat an american who love to be rude in Europe not even an ex soviet country. That what they won from cold war. Let's leave it to seals and Trump.

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Many Romanians felt very insulted and embarassed by the way their politicians behaved. Romanians are welcoming and generous with their guests and they know how much the Japonese value the given word, punctuality, seriozity and the protocol. This was an Historical visit there, one in 100 years. There is also some sort of admiration and respect for Japan and its culture and history, maybe inspired by films, books, history and the way the Japanese live, work and think. (Nothing connected with the white male, Trump, Putin or obvious, economical interests, interests that would have rush the politicians to meet the delegation. As you could find out, Romanian politicians are more interested to fill their own pockets and to protect themselves from justice, than to do anything good for the country - like roads, decent hospitals or investments in education, infrastructure, etc. )

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The big deal was that the meeting was long time ahead negociated and scheduled. And the Japan's PM visit was a historical one for Romania. He was also with around 20 investors looking for opportunities in Romania. With all that, the ruling party took down their 2nd prime minister in 12 months just the night before. So yes, it kind of is a big deal!!

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Nadège Moyon, this might not even be the point here, but Romania has never been a soviet country, therefore Romania is not an ex-soviet country. Thank you.

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So glad that our apologies were heard.

Alas, decades of communism have left Romania a country still far from normal.

A country reigned by thieves, voted by the brainwashed people as well as by those with personal interests.

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@umbrella Romanians are kind and respectful people. Our regret has nothing to do with money. We admire the Japanese culture and we respect our guests. Unfortunately we have a little bit of an internal crisis that none of us can control. That's what happened.

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As a Romanian I was embarrassed by the situation our Government is causing at the moment. Changing 3 Pime Ministers in only one year since PSD party came to power and gained over 50% of the control in Government. They also tried last year to legalize corruption at witch point over a milion citizens protested daily. Now they are trying it again with a new law that would absolve alot of the corrupt PSD party members of guilt in federal cases of corruption.

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Mr Nadege Moyon, with all due respect, Romania has never been a soviet country. And the whole situation had absolutely nothing to do with racism. Apologies were sincere and didn't aim getting millions of dollars or yens, just decent people who regret the rudeness of their momentary leaders.

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By now I guess you already found out that Romania was not an one of soviet countries.

And... racism from Romania?! Really? Towards Japan?!

Mon Dieu, I'm very curious about your motivations to speak bad about something you clearly have no clue about.

Umberto Eco is right. Again.

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Dear Japan, I for one, hope that in the near future, a new visit opportunity will emerge. We have some excellent engineers and IT is flourishing, making Cluj a small Silicon Valley. What the rulling party did.. disrespecting the PM and thus Japan is unforgetable . Pur apologies are sincere, aș we do not identify ourselves with these folkes. I also invite You, wonderful people of Japan, to visit us , Sibiu being a city that combines medieval and modern history in a wonderful bond. Yours respectully, an embarrased Romanian

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after Mihai Tudose unexpectedly resigned the night before.

Seems the Associated Press isn't all to concerned about Romanian politics. Using the words "unexpectedly resigned" proves it. It escalated fast but it was not unexpected that  the Romanian Social Democratic Party would push him to resign after what he said. Romania is starting to go through Prime Ministers like Japan was doing after Koizumi. I'm sure Abe had an understanding of what was going on.

It wasn't disrespectful, it's politics.

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That was the exact day the former Romanian PM Mihai Tudose resigned, after losing the support of his own party. The turmoil was going for 2 weeks at the time. MEP Viorica Dăncilă was nominated as PM candidate by President Klaus Iohannis on 17 January 2018. She is still expected to face the vote of confidence of the Parliament before the end of January 2018.

Btw, there are massive protests again. It was bad timing, as the diplomatic protocol need a Prime Minister (not a President) to welcome another Prime Minister at the airport.

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We hope you will come again mister Abe!



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Not any word about „give us the money” - that only proves limited thinking (of whom has posted that comment) only throughout the money,

It is about shame felt by people who usually give to guests the best they can offer. We do not need to demonstrate anything, just wanted to point out feelings of common people, misrepresented by their rude delegates.

It is about common sense, education and thoughts for a people (japanese) whose culture romanians admire.

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Dear All,

On the evening of January 20th, more than 80 000 people demonstrated on the streets of Bucharest and biggest towns of Romania, against the social democrat government and its tentative to change the judiciary.

Because they fill threatened about this legislation, our politicians are desperate and they do not care about anything else. All that matters for them is to change the Penal legislation, so they do not get to jail... (many of them already did and they realize it is their turn soon...).

Saturday we were also on the streets to let them know that when they were not meeting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his delegation with the appropriate courtesy, they have humiliated all Romanians. People were on the streets because they found the courage to face a helpless shame, dis-pare, lack of hope and fury against these selfish politicians, who have dishonored Romania and its people (it wouldn't be the first time)!

Like any Romanian, I admire the Japanese people, spirit, culture and strength, a great nation which earned our respect ! Please receive apollogy from the Romanians who would anytime welcome you in their country with a friendly and hospitable smile !

If you would know how are the common Romanians like me feel about this, if we could only be able to undo that day, we would all do it without hesitation!

Respectfully yours with greetings from Bucharest Romania

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I would also like to apologize for our government, these are difficult times for our country under this very poor leadership. I have great respect for Japanese people, their discipline and commitment to produce high quality work. There is also much to learn from Japanese philosophy.

Hopefully, we will be rid of this terrible government in coming years and resume normal diplomatic relations.

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Things are happening because:

On Obama/Băsescu administration Romanian was under US influence and everything was in order.

-now Trump came to power and American influence was weakened (Trump is not interested in Romania);

-in this void of power israeli and chinese influence arise in Romania;

-the head of ruling party (Dragnea) came in conflict with the prime-minister (Tudose who wanted chinese infrastructure) and conflict degenerated;

-japanese (or any foreign investments other than israeli) are not welcome to Romania (not welcomed by mr. Dragnea, the head of PSD / ruling party);

-this is the same reason why romanian politicians don't want either EU investors (or EU funds) because foreign investors means less influence over the majority of poor citizens.

But not mistake politicians for honest romanian citizens. Apologies came from honest citizens, not politicians.

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@Nadège Moyon

There was no racism involved. Mr. Abe was just kind of an innocent bystander in a political struggle for gaining control over Romanian Justice system (and other benefits as well).

The leader of the main Government party in Romania (the Social Democrats), mr. Liviu Dragnea, forced two Government teams to quit in less than a year, although the respective Government teams were apointed mainly by his party (!!!).

It is all about the struggle to put a leash on the Justice system, which is more and more involved in investigating high corruption cases (including one or two cases on mr. Dragnea). When the Prime Ministers he appointed did not follow his own rules (yes, he's kind of a feudal leader - l'etat, c'est moi and so on), they were dumped immediately.

This attitude lead to massive public protests in Romania in 2017 and also in 2018, vis-a-vis laws and reglementations that would cripple the Justice system and leave it helpless in front of the high corruption cases (search the internet for Romanian protests in 2017 or 2018 and you will see what this is all about).

So, for mr. Dragnea and his followers little mattered that mr. Abe was going to arrive in Romania; they had to throw down a disobedient Government and mr. Abe was - well, just collateral damage. But, as they think, who cares?

In conclusion: there is no racism involved, just political struggle to avoid the Justice and the possible sanctions. Whether it was mr. Abe, the Pope, or the Friendly and Absolutely Beautiful Martian Princess, the things would go on in the same manner.

So (although quite late): I apologize, mr. Abe, for the disrespect our leaders showed to you!

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