Russia calls Japanese plans to deploy U.S. missile systems excessive


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Lol! Russia is very concerned that we put a missile defensive system put. How ironic.

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Same complaint they gave South Korea over THAAD. If Russia doesn't like it all they have to do is pressure North Korea into standing down from their nuclear missile nonsense.

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Both Russia and China should have thought of consequences such as this before they allowed N. Korea to build nuclear weapons. This is of their own making.

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Telling another country how it can or can not DEFEND itself is just laughable and about as obnoxious as a country can get. Simply can't believe what these BULLY countries get away with.

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Aww come on guys. How is Russia supposed to have a chance of winning the nuclear world cup if the opposition has too much defense?

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To be fair, when Cyprus bought S-300 surface to air missiles, the United States decided to side with Turkey, though it is a defensive system. Thus opening that unpleasant precedent of countries being able to object to defensive systems...

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@almost. Google I agree with you we're talking about America putting systems in foreign countries Japan has a right to defend himself but the system should be built by Japan for Japan

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I wonder how resident Putin bots will react to this news.

Is it excessive? Is there any irony in Russia dictating as to who should have what and how they should manage them?

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Japan has a right to defend himself but the system should be built by Japan for Japan

the whole point in having allies is to be able to use resources which would otherwise be unavailable. Or you could argue that NK defend itself without any assistance from Russia or China.

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This is a silly comment from Russia, and could even be interpreted as that they prefer Japan was less defended in case of attack from NK, meaning more extensive damage to Japanese cities and civilians. That would make Russia a hostile enemy so more defenses are needed urgently. Japan is increasingly surrounded by maniacs so a good defense is necessary

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Cynical realpolitik nation that they are, the Russians rightly see Japan for what it is: a vassal state in the American Imperium.

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Cynical realpolitik nation that they are, the Russians rightly see Japan for what it is: a vassal state in the American Imperium.

And you have no objection to North Korea being a "vassal state" in the Chinese or Russian Imperium?

Russia's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that Japanese plans to deploy U.S. missile defense systems on its soil were disproportionate to the missile threat in the region.

Isn't that the same line of argument those opposing U.S. bases on Okinawa are using?

Irregardless, Japan (or any country for that matter) has the sovereign right to deploy any and all available defense systems on its soil deemed necessary to deter any aggressor.

If the agressor North Korea hasn't built an offensive missile system or nuclear warheads, then a defense system wouldn't be needed.

Now, if the principal objections is the fact that the defense systems are U.S-built., how about the offense weapons systems North Korea uses? They are Chinese and Russian made.

Japan has a right to defend himself but the system should be built by Japan for Japan

Built by Japan for Japan. That would be nice. I suppose Japan could build Patriot or THAAD missile defense systems under license. But a defense system of its own design would require a massive capital investment and lengthy lead time to build and deploy. The need is now. The U.S. built defense system is available now.

Then there's the economic reasons: why re-create the wheel when somebody already has. Don't develop new technology or systems, buy it instead and adapt it to your needs. Later, you can build the adapted system yourself. That's what Israel does.

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So Russia is backing the fat boy? Why I'm not surprised.

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Russia - always a voice of reason and a nation of peace and magnanimity.

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Japan needs to add more defenses.... including anti cyber hacking and add more defense security to the nuclear power plants.

Fukushima Daiichi had a old WWll bomb buried in the parking lot where construction was going on... Not two days later the US and Britian nuclear power plants had WWll bombs at their construction sites..... I think Putin wants to create a nuclear accident that looks like an accident.....




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If Russia and China (we wont even waste space on NK) have no intention of launching missiles at Japan, why complain? These are defensive systems and so no threat to a non aggressive state. By complaining they highlight their desire to be able to attack unhindered. And lets not forget Russia recently started flying its "Bear" nuclear attack aircraft (which are equipped with nuclear armed missiles) near to Japan! A friendly country has no problem with a neighbour fielding purely defensive equipment.

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Just to be clear, a defensive system is part of an offensive system. It can work independently, can be tweaked or synchronized with an offensive one. Anyone with good defense CAN offend without a fear of being hit. Defense "systems " are part of a whole war " system ". Russian "worry" isn't just about the system in Japan, but that the Japanese ones would have completed the encirclement of its territory from the Baltic, Europe and Far East.

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Excessive self defense is better. Is Russia planning to fight with Japan?

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Maybe Russia wants to help Kim.

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Built by Japan? Why hassle redefining Article? just use existing system.

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@Cogito Ergo Sum - Japan has virtualy no offensive capabilities and nothing Russia couldn't cope with quite easily. Were it introduced as a part of an offensive/defensive mix there might be a case (provided the complainer wasn't busily upgrading their own O/D platforms) rather than a response to a particular, well defined and recognised threat. Japan sits in a Geo-politically unstable area with a number of passive aggressive neighbour states, who are repeatedly making classic "aggression displays"; psychologically to not respond or respond submissively emboldens the aggressor and confirms their group dominance. We are all mamalian and still hard wired with the same base instincts as ant other animal. To pretend that we are any different is bothe to be blind to reality and dangerous in its unintended consequences.

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"Russia calls Japanese plans to deploy U.S. missile systems excessive" and they're not even the one's expected to pay for it.

Seriously, I appreciate the concern for our tax burden, but if they wanted to help, they could try having a little chat with young Kim.

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