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Russia concerned over missiles in Asia, says foreign minister


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Russia. Kiss the world's butt.. A long as Russia supports nations like Iran, and says nothing about China's build up , they have no right to stand against anything else, and if they try , their words should be as if never spoken

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Russia is correct, the US is putting missiles into Japan so that any aggressor to the US will nuke Japan first and give the US warning.

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Japan should ask Sarah Palin for help - she's got Putin wrapped around her little finger.

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missiles are nothing but killing machine, everyone knows either Russia or the US can deploy as many missiles as they want if they can pay to do it, but is it good even for themselves? "international dispute? " Just set-up missiles!!! ....Wow~ What a great way to sort out matters!

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Russia is going test our new President's intestinal fortitude.

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russia is overstating this. they damn know nobody has got the guts to lob those missile at them because they will not hesitate to release their hordes by the thousands to others.

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Miussles of missle defense.. Missles to shoot down missiles.. Seems some are taking like these are missles of attack or of offensive purpose. THey are not. Russia's are.. so maybe if that is the case it is time to put some real missles in Poland and the surrounding area to counter Russia's move, real as in offensive missiles to counter Russia's offensive missles.

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