Russia denies Hokkaido mayor entry over Japan's sanctions


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japan? Ukraine? why sanction our neighbour over a east europe problem? how about to be nice and trade with our neighbours. my neighbours always give me free daikon, and i give them free blueberries. both happy.

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never trust Russia. if not penalized, they will just bully more, other neighbors such as Japan.

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Why is Japan even interested in developing the Northern Territories? It's a thankless job that Putin just wants to manipulate for diplomatic game.

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They like to punch first, and think that they are exempted from the vagaries of opposite reaction. Eventually, when it does come, they act/ are stunned that someone even dared!!

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group were seized by the Soviet Union 

it's not a 'seized' it's just contribution after WW2 (yep SU did't sign but it's was)

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Maybe another Japan Russia war?

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