Russia summons Japanese ambassador over disputed islands comments


Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday it had summoned the Japanese ambassador in Moscow to complain about what it said was criticism from Tokyo that bordered on "an attempt to interfere in Russia's domestic affairs."

Tokyo earlier this month called a visit by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to one of four islands claimed by both Japan and Russia extremely regrettable and urged Moscow to take constructive steps to advance ties.

Japan claims the islands, which it calls the Northern Territories, while Russia, which controls them, calls them the Southern Kuriles.

The Russian foreign ministry said Japan's comments about what it did on its sovereign territory were unacceptable.

It said it had also handed Japan's ambassador a note of protest over what it said were violations of a visa-free exchange regime related to the disputed islands.

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Yes Hoppo Ryodo.  Ridiculous that Russia stole them at the end of WW2 and has never been forced to return them.  Japan should do a Falklands.

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How are they going to man the military, sorry “self defense force”, to get the islands back? Our youth don’t want to do any hard work. And according to JT, we’re not even self sufficient in food.

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To the winners go the spoils...

Of course, you know that.

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Japan should do a Falklands."

Why... you want to see Japan to get its a$$ whooped?

This ongoing nonsense about getting them back is just a waste of time.

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What a joke!

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Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday it had summoned the Japanese ambassador in Moscow

And probably also told the Japanese ambassador, "Cease and desist! Japan will never get the islands back! So forget about it!"

 Japan should do a Falklands.

Impossible! Japan's Article 9 first paragraph would never allow this action. Japan's hands are tied as far as using military action to settle disputes.

IF Japan really wants the island back and force is the only way to get it back, then it either: (1) change Article 9 so they can "do a Falklands", or (2) ask the U.S. military to get it back for them....which I doubt the U.S. will do.

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