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S Korea calls on Japan to be 'sincere' in relations


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“It is important to keep promises with sincerity,” Park said.

In 1965 President Park Chung-hee signed the treaty with Japan and promised to use some of the money to compensate his people.

But, President Park Chung-hee reneged on his pledge and instead took all the money and used it to prop up certain corporations and build infrastructure.

Now, President Park Geun-hye is trying to renege on the entire treaty and get more money out of Japan to pay for what her Father wouldn't. She was elected with the help of her Father's friends in the NSI and dare I say, she is no better than her old-man

South Korea has proven itself to be a selfish stubborn nation that snubs it's friends when they see an opportunity.

Japan needs to stop being friends with it and start accepting that fact. Japan needs to look elsewhere if it wants friends.

On another note, President Park Geun-hye is also desperate since her election fiasco, reunification fiasco, economic fiasco and lately her Ferry fiasco has put her administration into dire straits. She needs someone to blame for all her woes and what's better than her tried and true Japan-bashing?

But, how many times can she go to that watering hole before it dries up?

YuriOtaniApr. 27, 2014 - 08:58AM JST Sir Edgar, Japan will never go down the Imperial road again. The SDF is for defense only and lacks the weapons to attack another country. Article #9 needs to stay in place.

"Hwa is thet mei thet hors wettrien the him self nule drinken"

Translation: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink."

YuriOtani, you are attempting to use reason and logic against someone whose based his argument on emotion. You will never get through to them. They will always go to their ever trusty list on unfounded propaganda and hype.

But, I do applaud you in your efforts.

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Sir Edgar, Japan will never go down the Imperial road again. The SDF is for defense only and lacks the weapons to attack another country. Article #9 needs to stay in place.

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All Japan media brainwashed comments. Blaming others is a typical Japanese habit. You've lived in Japan too long when you are start repeating the government and nettuyo propaganda.

Japan says one thing and does another. Apologize and then deny. Say it's regrettable and then repeat it. Just read the articles here on JapanToday. That's what she's talking about. End of story.

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It's a two way street, Don't think SK can just sit on it's laurels and that Japan have to do all the work. Korea needs to face up to the 1965 Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea. Korea bears all responsiblitiies and compensation claims.

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Governments has patriotic symbols and always search for a common enemy. Thats called racism if park geunhe doesnt know.

For korea its. Their flag and anthem. And the common enemy is japan because The 0.3Km2 island and the forced prostitution of 70 years ago.

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Japan is South Korea's whipping boy. It will go on and on regardless of what Japan says or does.

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Frankly, I think it is South Korea that needs to be "sincere" as regards it's own history prior to and post WWII, it's illegal occupation of Takeshima and continued refusal to settle the matter before the ICJ and their having hidden the money received from Japan in 1965 that was to go to "individuals who suffered, and certainly the Comfort Women fall into that category.

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“It is important to keep promises with sincerity,” Park said.

Like when your government received the compensation money from Japan which was sincerely meant to be sent to the victims, and then proceeded to sincerely use it to NOT compensate the victims? Sincerely?

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It takes two to tango, President Park. Take the Takeshima dispute before the ICJ, perhaps? Abide by the the terms of the 1965 Treaty on Basic Relations? Acknowledge and accept official Japanese apologies and compensation for 'comfort women' via the Asian Women's Fund, rather than deny and reject them to turn the issue into a political football to win votes and promote nationalist rage at home?

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