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S Korea, Japan say no aid until N Korea disarms


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if NK have the resources for nuclear weapons development .. they shouldn't be worrying about resources for basic necessities uh ^^?

joking aside, sanctions against NK is well justified

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Very good.

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North Korea will get what they need from their Chinese friends. And ofcourse other countries which oppose the US. I am sure the pressure applied by Japan and S Korea will not work. It has not in the past.

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Not sure why they were getting aid before.....

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"Not sure why they were getting aid before....."

Because N Koreans have shown positive moves at times, but always go back on their words. If only for once they do as they say. One minute they are halting nuclear work and next they are back at it again.

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"Add a Comment to S Korea, Japan say no aid until N Korea disarms."

What was NOT reported: 'Japan immediately after turned to the US and emphasized that while they are against nuclear proliferation and are spear-heading efforts to reduce the world's stockpile, they pleaded with the US to keep their long-range arsenal. They then turned to China and begged them to join in pressure to disarm NK so that they would not have to retract their statement in a week when NK threatened to fire another rocket'.

While I've no doubt that NKorea's "interest" in coming back to nuclear talks is simply to garner more aid, after which they will renege, Japan in particular is no stranger to breaking its promises (which it did when the promised aid on the nuclear issue was pulled after NK wouldn't come clear on the non-issue of abductions). NKorea is definitely the child in this party, but Japan and SKorea are not that much 'older' in terms of maturity; and both hide under US defense. All countries in question here need to grow up, quit with the rhetoric, and combine promises of this and that with ACTION. All this promise this, promise that without any movement towards the goals is simply wishful thinking.

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joetheplumber: "Because N Koreans have shown positive moves at times, but always go back on their words. If only for once they do as they say. One minute they are halting nuclear work and next they are back at it again."

Exactly. But as I said, they are not the only ones who fail to live up to promises, and instead simply make demands.

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If N Korea were to keep their promise and show determination towards peace many countries would help it. It would enjoy being a memnber of the international community.

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... Japan and SKorea are not that much 'older' in terms of maturity; and both hide under US defense....

So is the solution then for Japan to get out from under the US nuclear umbrella by simply trashing their own pacifist constitution and developing the means with which to properly defend themselves against the threat of Nuclear confrontation ????

Heavens knows they have the tech available and the funds to do it faster and more effective than either of the 2 Koreas...

I just think that this is just one of those "BE careful what you wish for" situations... No US big brother means Japan has to arm and defend itself and as a long time resident here I have to admit that I might have to reconsider my choice of where to live if the Jgov starts building such TOYS...

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North korea disarm,how?

It is like asking Russian allies and US allies, both to disarm and close down military/arms sales exports and imports.

They military industrial complex/arms traders wants 10 percent of GDP of all nations,for arms trade ,911 protection and national protection ,to boost global annual trillion dollar income/sales.

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That's the best plan any Japanese PM has had in a long, long time... And the U.S. should step back and let SK and Japan take lead, not too mention, Japan probably has more clout when it comes to dealing with China...(Thanks to the last 2 or 3 administrations for racking up $3 trillion in debts to China...)

It's an Asian problem more than anything, Japan and the other Asian Nations most at risk need to step up to the plate, just like they are doing now... BZ for to Hatoyama and Myung-bak!

See these are the kinds of problems you need to focus on Japan, Not 101 different ways to enforce bicycle parking with the clown cops or how to blame all your problems on "legal" foreigner residents...

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Fredster: I would have more respect for Japan if it simply admitted it needs the US nuclear weapons, or if they actually believed what they themselves said when they want less nuclear weapons in the world (by 'they' I mean the government). What they should NOT do is pretend to be against nuclear weapons and then suggest they should be kept by other countries for Japan's defense.

Anyway, it's not really here or there, except that I added it in there half-jokingly to point out that Japan acts tough on its stance towards NKorea, then asks the US on the side-lines to protect it from NKorea -- in part because it needs protection for keeping said stance and boosting the rhetoric. Basically, the government talks tough to win votes from the public, but that takes talks with NKorea nowhere, except to make Japan look stupid when other nations (ie. US) soften their own stances towards the reclusive state (taking them off black list, etc.).

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Koreans have too much pride and arrogance.All of this is a distraction that Obama does not need.

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The six-nation nuclear talks can/must get verification of a denuclearized DPRK AND a guaranteed security pact for DPRK. Those two issues must be confirmed for the talks to have any meaning. It is through the major settlement that the secondary issues such as abductions can be resolved. Pressure politics will hurt all parties eventually.

We really don't have to replay the 20th Century again - it is the 21st Century, and soooooo much can be accomplished if peace and stability can be ensured.

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I don't think that N Korea would give up the nuclear weapons whatever happens. It might go back to 6 party talks again but nothing would get anywhere. N Korea would talk out of the talks again soon and would come back again after aid of energy and food. The best solution is all nations will ignore N Korea for a couple of decades.

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Japan and South Korea have the full right to refrain from offering aid to North Korea, of course.

As to North Korea's nuclear weapons, these were made to defend her from an invasion of a superpower led by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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Great move on Japan & Korea's part. They must of got wind the Obama was going to get the Nobel Prize for peace (for weeks work) so they know he now cannot take hostile action against anyone.

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I knew this was going to happen. Watch the harvests. Watch the thermometer. That is how to tell whether North Korea will be in a conciliatory mood. It is getting chilly, and Kim Jong Il has been a chirping grasshopper playing with fireworks all summer while the ants have been plugging away in South Korea and Japan.

If we really want to see if North Korea wants to play ball, I recommend waiting until, oh... next November or so. Time is decidely NOT on their side.

They would have gotten more mileage out of a reactor, some tractors, and seed corn than weapons. Oh well.

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I would agree that NK isn't planning on giving up it's nukes. Lil Kim knows he is on thin ice with everybody. He needs a defence to keep his rotten progeny in power. I still think the only way to end the situation is for China to take over NK until the place can be stabilized and reunified with the south. That will take a generation or two, given the current conditions in NK.

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watch N Korea now spit the dummy and start building nukes again.

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Great to hear. Also, let's keep the pressure on North Korea about child abductions - oh wait.

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a one time compliance then receiving a bonanza of aid is very tricky to arrange. NK would have to comply with everything, and there's no guarantee that they will keep doing what they are doing after they get the money anyway.

I would like to see this list of conitions, just to make sure that the Alien Abduction, er sorry, Abduction of Japanese issue is not in there. Otherwise the US as member of the "six-party talks" should require that Japan return all 100+ abducted US Citizen children.

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