S Korea, Japan sign military intel agreement


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There's something about this headline that just makes me laugh. Anyone else have the same reaction?

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A survey by Gallup Korea on Nov 18 showed that 59%of 1,007 respondents opposed the agreement

The petty nationalism in East Asia is quite depressing when you realise we are just talking about sharing information on North Korea here. It would be like 59% of the French being opposed to sharing information on ISIS with the Germans.

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There are large scale demonstrations against this agreement in Seoul, but this has not been covered by Japanese media. Why? I first saw it on the BCC.

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Well president park can surely be trusted with MILITARY SECRETS right!

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Japan and Korea, as well as other nations, had better come together. The US is no longer a sure thing in the equation, at least not after January.

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this is a good thing but bad timing in SK. Hopefully it survives but it is more likely to be short lived given the unrest there over Park

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"But Japan doesn't spy on other countries"

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Japan has satellite on sky. Korea has spy network better than CIA, I'd bet. Both together decipher and sometime later, N Korea will be sorry.

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