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S Korea, Japan, U.S. begin drill against N Korean submarines


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Enough political games with north korea. Its time to do something or do nothing and suffer the cconsequences. China uses nk as a playing card. China tries to tell the world that they will help keep nk under control if we keep having all our manufacturing done in china. Not true. I say take away China's playing card

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well said Hawkeye.

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well subs need something to navigate by why not jam their signals and near some very big object that will sink them. very cheap and non traceable

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Japan you can get dragged into a war on the Korean peninsula having Japanese young men and women die while Koreans will still hate you and talk about changing the Japan sea to East sea. You also need to apologize sincerely because the last 50 times was not enough for them. Paid compensation for a second time and they're still not satisfied. We don't need Korea's help as long as we don't have to get involved ourselves in the re-unification war/drama which we saw how it played out the last time when there's a Korean War.

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The lunatic fat boy was obsession with nuclear weapon and missiles. He should be disappeared from earth by nuclear weapon. Direct target to that lunatic fat boy is only solution for peace. He is definitely type of Dr. Evil and threatening to the world. If he has owned missile that ability to carry nuclear war head and then the lunatic fatty will be definitely threaten to United State and its neighbors. Fat boy is coward and you can know by watching news from TV. All dictators are the same and they were cowardice. If their life was directly threaten and then they will go to hide like rat in the underground bunker. Neutron bomb will be suitable for lunatic fat boy.

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As an afterthought where did north Korea buy or build their submarines and service fuel them can any one tell me out there

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NK has bought subs from Yugoslavia in the 70s and West Germany in the 80s. But they have a domestic submarine building industry.

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