Japan, U.S., S Korea to step up pressure on N Korea

By Mari Yamaguchi

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To say they're not going to accept NK as a nuclear state when they already have, but can't admit it, is nothing but useless talk. The only real thing they can do is get China to join with them and starve the entire country until the leadership goes nuts and launches a nuke, or is assassinated by a saner populace. Odds of that happening? Like winning a lottery.

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The problem is NOT N. Korea, but China. Given the global perspective, the ONLY country benefiting from N Korea is China.

The other problem is the slow burn conflict between China and Russia to take N and S Korea. Both China and Russia are countries that desire to take N and S Korea if they could. So I take an entirely different view of N Korea and their actions.

While, Russia, China and N Korea are declared communist countries but diabolically different in their concepts, except the fact that all three are a form of dictatorship. In China, it is dictatorship of the party. In Russia it is dictatorship of the head of the party and in N Korea it is dictatorship by inherited lineage. It appears that the parties in Russia and China only serve the elite political leaders while in N Korea, the party has allowed Kim to keep his control, only because they are crying out for International help, especially the USA to save their country. They may also be warning the rest of the world that the world must pay attention to the region, because of China and Russia having covert plans for the region.

So the actions being taken by USA, Japan and S Korea may be counter productive. Instead they should be monitoring and pressuring China to stand down and stop their global conspiracy. Part of which is to use N Korea as a scapegoat for their cover activities throughout the world. In fact I still cannot understand why a representative from the USA actually go and talk with N Korea. N Korea has so often asked for direct dialog with the USA and the USA has for no really good reason continued to refuse such dialog. That has allowed China to continue to influence N Korea.

However, from all indications the USA is actually working with China to gain global control. The first step of which may be to start a conflict with Russia to eliminate their global influence. Obama and Clinton both appear to desire a confrontation with Russia more than with China.

I may be wrong... but that is the view I have started to have after such a long conflict with N Korea.

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They just love pushing an animal into a corner, don't they? maybe peaceful dialogue might be the answer? those people have hardly nothing! sigh... don't you just love the thing they wanna call humanity?

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Does Kim understand sovereign nations continually threatened have the right to launch a pre-emptive strike, like Israel did in the Six Day War?? This is not my recommendation, but a fact of international life.

It is scary.

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KiyoshiMukai: The only problem here is USA with their greed of money. North Korea is just a big excuse for selling weapons to Japan and South Korea.

Do you really believe that if the US stopped selling weapons to Japan and South Korea, the North Korea threat would go away? IMHO, if the US stopped providing defensive weapons, and JapanSouth Korea couldn't find an alternate source for such weapons, North Korea would attack South Korea, and possibly Japan, at its earliest opportunity. I think it's extremely naive to consider the USA's "greed of money" as the cause of North Korea's intimidation and aggressive behavior.

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as if North Korean government is peace loving people? You are a nice person, but Kim Jong-un is not.

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excellent point of view- ToshiYori & Kazetsukai

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Well, for one thing, he has good taste in basketball and appreciates an era of talent. I personally think there is some misunderstanding going on. But I hear ya,.. I never lived there and don't know how the people are. I personally have lived in Japan and Korea - Both countries of which are nothing but spoiled people who have it really good and are selfish and overly nationalistic and racists. these countries are extremely indulged in materialistic ways and are greedy. then again, I would think all established nations have become overly greedy. Of course you have your good and bad anywhere in the world, but something tells me a lot of the N.Korean people are good people. Don't always believe what the media portrays. Ever notice how when Carter went over there they were full of smiles and welcomed him with flowers?

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