S Korea: Regional summit chance to improve ties with Japan


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Clear away obstacles hindering close bilateral ties. Does this mean an agreement is near on the comfort wives issue?

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The World is scheduled to turn violent, antagonistic and chaotic so out of a sudden, they will seemingly become friendly and all the frictions will end. Divided countries will reunite. But this will only serve as an illusion for mankind to believe that finally there is peace and security on Earth. There has never been such thing except for a brief period when King Solomon ruled. Then sudden death an destruction comes upon them like birth pangs come upon a pregnant woman.

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Thanks, avigator. That really cheered me up this morning.

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Abe will not change any of his positions. I don't see how any improvement will happen. I suppose Abe could thank Park for her father's loyal service in the Japanese military during the war to soften her up.

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I am not optimistic

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comfort wives


IJA was comfort women

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But last month, Park caused handwringing in Washington when she attended a Chinese military parade marking the end of World War II that was snubbed by leaders of most major democracies.

Maybe because South Korea can think on its own, make its own decisions and not wait for US to give the go-ahead to do things like meeting up with Cuba and Iran, unlike a certain other country. Not naming anyone. Just saying.

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Pukey2, are you talking about Japan? At least on a person to person level, Japan has always had normal relations with Cuba and Iran (except for some financial restrictions imposed by the US - which Japan can get around). Iran is a still popular tourist destination, and lots of Cubans are performing in various local venues. Japanese are free to go there.

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