S Korea to rename peaks on islands disputed with Japan


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"The two main peaks at the rocky outcrops roughly midway between the two nations will be renamed to highlight historical evidence of the South’s centuries-long ownership, the land ministry said."

So South Korea is going to rename south korean names for the peaks to south korean names for the peaks and that somehow "highlights historical evidence of the South’s centuries-long ownership". LOL

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This move seems more insulting than not. I think they should be called the Liancourt Rocks.

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Who are they trying to insult? Google?

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I think we should sick the Nihlists from "The Big Lebowski" on the S. Koreans.

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The South’s foreign ministry called the move “unacceptable” and protested to Google against the change.

...and vowed to make sure all state entities changed their default search engine to "Bing," a Korean surname.

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Call them "Cheech" and "Chong" if they want to. It doesn't make them any more theirs.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

I apologize to all readers for being offensive.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Honestly...are there any adults in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, or Washington? Most people would get along fine without all of the drama created by power-hungry politicians, corporations, and the behind-the-scenes elite who see the planet as some sort of game to be played and people as their personal armies. The human race seems to be devolving on the elitist end of the bell curve.

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Japan have land disputes with Russia, China, North and South Korea and Taiwan; all of its neighbors.

Maybe the problem is not with your nieghbors, but you?

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It's funny when Japan recently renamed parts of the islands it administers (in dispute with other nations) certain posters on this forum where very supportive of this move. Yet when S Korea does the same to islands it administers Japan and theses same posters complain..... Hmmm what's that term that describes that behaviour.... Oh that's right hypocritical...

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The South can call them anything they like. They control the 2 rocks and Japan should drop claim to them. While our entire free country will not agree it is the nature of our freedom. Best thing Japan can do is never mention them again. The Liancourt Rocks are not worth the bother.

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This is beginning to look like when at school, you had a fight with a classmate and you broke of his pens, then he stole your meal, then you slapped him in the face and then in the end it got so ugly that the teacher had to step in in order to bring calm and balance again.

Maybe the teacher (UN) should step in and do something about all this before it escalates to something worse than just renaming chuncks of rocks. Oh wait! here the students have to call the teacher first...

2 ( +3 / -1 )

They make up new names in 2012 to reflect "historical evidence"???

Paragons of logic, these SK politicians... not

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Agree with Yuri for a change; SK administers and controls the islands--Japan's main claim for ownership of the Senkakus, BTW--so they can do as they please.

Ossan: "who are they insulting, Google?"

Well, they clearly always get YOUR goat.

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It's the rights of Korea as a true ownership of those island.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )



Japan will probably rename them "Ishiharasan" and "Abesan."

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I don't understand how their "logic" works at all. Renaming the peaks does nothing to show historical evidence of ownership. I really don't care if they rename the peaks, they administer the land so no harm done there. There is no need however to claim that such actions makes their claim more solid. If they ever took this to international court (which we all know they won't) would they plan to use this as evidence? "Well we renamed the peaks in 2012, which clearly shows that the islands are historically ours." Of course not, that would be ridiculous. Just like this entire endless childish fight.

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The best solution to solve this problem: remove the 14 A Class criminals to another place since ever visit to the shrine causes new incidents.

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"They control the 2 rocks and Japan should drop claim to them."

At the end of the day, this is really all that matters. Short of taking the rocks by force -- which is never going to happen -- there is really no way in hell South Korea's going to give up those rocks.

Take the high road, Japan, and walk away from this.

The thing I don't get is that the Japanese government has all but mastered ignoring the people of Okinawa regarding an uncomfortable reality (US military bases). Why can't it apply the same sort of implacable indifference to the fishmen of Shimane Prefecture who keep stirring up this nonsense?

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Good people, don't let the governments distract you with this circus while they rob you with taxes, inflation & donations.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Don't boycott quality products. Trade what you do best.

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Amidalism: agreed, it's a but odd. While I don't believe it helps in any way historically, it CAN help legitimize their claim to the islands at present--if they can change the names, surely it must be theirs, right? It's a reach, for sure, but not that dissimilar to Tokyo buying islands it already claims are Japanese in order to 'prove' they are Japanese. It is also, in part and as with the aforementioned Japanese purchase, at least in part meant to p-off the neighbors.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

Give one rock to each country.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Renaming something sparks / creates flaming debates. That's all what those fantastic brains behind are trying to do, cause an uproar amongst the less fortunate folks who have no background knowledge. Nobody gets this?

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hkitagawa the shrine is not run by the government. There is no law that will allow the government to tell the monks what to do or how to pray. What does this have to due with the rocks?

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Who gives a crap! Do these two countries not have anything better to do?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

It's funny how they decide to do this when China's taking serious measures on the Senkaku islands lol. coincidence?

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Love Google. The description reads Liancourt Rocks/Dokdo/Takeshima. But Dokdo isn't mention on the chart at all, only Liancourt Rocks and Takeshima > http://m.google.com/u/m/dYYTJv

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Tel Porter: "Give one rock to each country."

Wouldn't that be ideal? Unfortunately, when Russia tried this (save that it was two rocks apiece, not one) the right-wingers in Japan went ballistic over the idea and so now Japan will never see any of the Kuriles under their government again. They are effectively Russian territory, and since the same thing would happen over any suggestion to divide Dokdo (which neither side would EVER do, especially SK since they administer and effectively own the islands), it won't happen there, either. Sad, but true. These island disputes will go on for a long, long time yet, barring any war which ends us all, and over time these islands are more and more South Korean property.

crouchingSamurai: "It's funny how they decide to do this when China's taking serious measures on the Senkaku islands lol. coincidence?"

Of COURSE they're doing this now while what's happening with China is happening with China. It adds additional pressure on the Japanese government and draws more attention to the island issues as a result. It's yet another thing Japan should never have started (ie. dismissing the sex-slave issue flat out, resulting in Lee visiting the islands to bring attention to that issue as well).

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Thomas Anderson: "Who gives a crap! Do these two countries not have anything better to do?"

They most certainly do, but as we both know they cannot do the things that they should be doing instead, so this provides the perfect excuse to unite the people under a common cause and allow them to forget what's more important. I mean come on... seriously... the government should be helping people in the north who are STILL suffering in shelters and are unemployed, and getting things at Fukushima under the control they've claimed it's under since last year, but instead they want people to curse SK and China over a few meaningless rocks in the sea (that someday might be able to give them some fossil fuels they should be weaning themselves off of anyway).

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"Renaming something sparks/creates flaming debates . . . Nobody gets this?"

Actually, no. Everybody gets this. And the most vocal choose to ignore it anyway. That's the sad reality of Nationalism.

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Maybe the problem is not with your nieghbors, but you?

If you are saying this seriously? Conspicuously, you know nothing about the history.

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So South Korea is going to rename south korean names for the peaks to south korean names for the peaks and that somehow "highlights historical evidence of the South’s centuries-long ownership". LOL

My thoughts exactly. Somehow I don't think South Korea even realizes how amusing they are with this kind of thinking. Well, what else do you expect from an underdeveloped, emotion-based culture with a massive inferiority complex toward Japan.

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" Honestly...are there any adults in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, or Washington? "

Actually, Tokyo and Washington are the Partys that have been behaving as adults in the recent island spats.

The ones acting like spoilt, aggressive brats are Seoul and Beijin.

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Could just jointly blow the rocks up. Problem solved!

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I think the Japanese should give up on this one. Control is effectively in the hands of the South Koreans so unless the Koreans are willing to take the matter to some sort of international decision making body (not Google, and not likely) then the only course of action left to the Japanese would be the sort of sabre-rattling that communist china is engaged in over the Senkakus. Pretty hard not to look hypocritical if they go there.

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Oh god, how long time even,we will have which to suffer with them! Cut diplomatic relations with this crap country.

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smithinjapanOct. 29, 2012 - 10:08AM JST Ossan: "who are they insulting, Google?" "Well, they clearly always get YOUR goat."

Got my goat? Still don't know what LOL means?

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SerranoOct. 29, 2012 - 10:26AM JST "Usan" "Daehan" Japan will probably rename them "Ishiharasan" and "Abesan."

It;'s funny that anyone can name some "right-wing" or "nationalist" Japandese politicians. But in South Korea they they are all rigt-wing and nationalist so you can't name any.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Who cares? (Actually the brainwashed people of the south korean peninsula does). They can name all the things in this world if they want, but they can't get the world's attention unless they go to ICJ for a legal claim. So far Japanese people are also renamed as "radioactive monkey japs" by korean netizens too.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Agreed, who cares what anyone calls those islands. It does not change anything.

I officially, as a single souled nation, now name these islands "the TKOIND islands". Wow how things change when you rename islands.

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Well of course the ENGLISH language Google maps show the ENGLISH name, just as ENGLISH language maps show the capital of Poland as Warsaw, the country south of Germany as Austria, the country north of Austria as Germany, the country south of France as Spain, the island group east of China as Japan. Gah! France maps show the capital of the UK ans Londres. So what? It's their language, it's what they call it.

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^^^ Typical angry over-emotional South Korean.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

You guys are not realizing the true motivation behind the battle for these rocks: what is beneath them, oil and minerals.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

iWorldOct. 29, 2012 - 09:17AM JST Japan have land disputes with Russia, China, North and South Korea and Taiwan; all of its neighbors. Maybe the problem is not with your nieghbors, but you?

China leads all of Asia with 23 territorial disputes. Taiwan 7, Japan 6, South Korea 5. Maybe the problem is with you?

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So...why is every other Asian country fighting with another about some ditzy little islands? I don't get adults sometimes. I guess it's cos they act like children most of the time. Ha!

0 ( +0 / -0 )

Speed, above, has the best names, Cheech and Chong. Japan should just officialy name them that, and then sell postcards at the Japanese post office of the rocks, featuring their new names. I'm really getting into this passive aggressive stuff.

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South Korea, some advice for you...

a) you already have de facto possession of the islands, and have for 50+ years b) Japan doesn't do much about them other than list in textbooks that the islands are Japanese c) if you shut up, you "win" by default, but instead you do offensive things like teaching your kids to draw Koreans rejoicing over the bodies of dead Japanese, which is really not cool in any context

If Israel constantly whined that the Holy Land was theirs, and the rude Palestinians were totally out of line by disagreeing, they would be doing what you are doing.

You guys are so insecure, you make the world want to take Japan's side just to tease you. You deserve it.

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I think South Korea is not that big difference from their arch-rival brother:North Korea during their 60 years long 'ideology struggle' in DMZ! Many years ago both Koreas engaged in a struggle of who raise their National flag higher than other by erecting taller and taller flag post side by side the DMZ and it was Noth Korean won! So the south Koreans better dont loss this struggle of island row, otherwise teh angry soutj Koreans will be very upset with their leaders!

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

What does South Korean has tyo loss by irking Japan? If south Koreans flying anti-communist leaflets across the DMZ, the North Koreans will hurt you, they might shooting, shelling torpedoing at ROK personals at anytime as retailiations! Upset japan, the worst secnario might be a letter signed by the japanese PM protesting! So keep that spirits South korea, do it if if is right!

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