S Korea urges Noda to examine the past


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Noda also sparked a diplomatic spat with South Korea this month by saying that Japanese “Class A” war criminals honored at Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine were in effect not criminals.

Great job in electing another moron with a delusional view of the word and history. Hopefully, his spat as prime minister ends within a few months.

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LOL at Japan being reprimanded by its neighbours everytime they get a new prime minister.

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How can he examine the past, if Japanese history textbooks have large sections blacked out?

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We should of expected this from Korea. Still think Japan should be NEUTRAL in their civil war with the north. Observe the strict rules of being neutral. No Americans you can NOT use your bases in Japan to help a faction in the Korean civil war. If Japan "owes" something to the world it is never to be the aggressor or a part in anothers aggression. In any event, I am not a A,B nor C class criminal, no one in my family or any person known to me. There are none in the government, soon there will be none alive.

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Its not enough for Japan to just be "neutral", in a way thats the way Japan has been for 6+ decades, just try to forget & hope WWII goes away, news flash, it didnt & it isnt.

Clearly you arent directly involved but its Japans history, you have to take the good, bad & the ugly, countries cant cherry pick.

If Japan hadnt ravaged the Korean peninsula all those year north korea likely wouldnt have come into existence, Japan is directly related to what happened there ever since 1945

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If Japan continues to be "neutral" then she can never be able to be fully respected by its Asian neighbours. It is insufficient to be "neutral" after all the sins have been committed that has led to this.

Japan's power is waning and in times of crisis eg. the nuclear crisis etc, if Japan needs help, and all it has ever done is be "neutral" no neighbour will want to assist and rightly so.

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You forget to realize as to why the Communists tried to take over Korea in the first place. It did stem from the military occupation from Japan as a way to not be victimized again, that is the main point. So while you personally share no responsibility in this, but the military actions of the nations past is what led up to ultimately the creation of what would become DPRK.

when the US Marines landed near Motobu Peninsula in Okinawa they raped all of the women. The Americans have forgotten about their wrongs. azninvasion, China and Korea can take their "assistance" and put it in a unpleasant place. Japan needs to atone for past "sins" but refusing to interfere in other countries affairs. Again the apologizes were made, compensation paid as per treaty. I refuse to be punished for my ancestors wrongs and chappies.

This kind of statement is what really troubles me. This is not about America or its wrong doings, this is about the relationship between Japan and S. Korea and SK wanting Japan to take a hard look at history. If Germany can more or less get along with its neighbors and show good intent in every which way, then why can't Japan do the same? Why is it that Japan feels as if it's the only country that suffered during the war?

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