S Korean leader warns Japan against shift to right


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Some of you might argues CHina is a communist run state that picking on Japan's past. Okie-Dokie....here comes Republic of Korea, an anti-communist state also an ally of Japan and closer to Japan in distance! The ROK has stronger resentment at Japan than PRC! Are you telling me ROK has been brainwashed by PRC or North Korea's propagandas and haunted by a 'red evil-spirit' manupilating her speech and mentality? People be fair and balance to view Japan's fascistic behaviour and xenophobic policy that lead to a havoc in east asia Japan has triggared

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Let's do the Time Warp again?

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It is time the Japanese should reflect on it Country past aggression and in all the recent articles on the issue of visit of the Yasukuni shrine by the ministers and members of parliament there seems to be a large number of posters in showing their support of such move and resentful of SK and China protest. Patriotism a side they should really need to reflect and view Japan atrocious deeds carried out to its neighbours which incidentally also include Thailand, Vietnam, Burma(Myammar). Singapore, Malaya(Malaysia), Papua New Guinea and Australia.

You can't blamed others for remembering these atrocious deeds by Japan and sufferings inflicted on their descendants. Today is Australia and New Zealand Day of Remembering of their love ones died fighting in World Wars including those died at the hands of the Japanese as POW in Sandarkan and Konyu Cutting. In Konyu Cutting(apparently not recorded in Japan History) 60,000 war POW were made to build the Thailand Burma Railway. 12,399 POW died either beaten to death by the Japanese or died of starvation.

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It is called the Japan That Can Say No, but if this is no more the Land Of The Rising Sun after 20 years of funk, why be so bull headed? Oh, I forgot, Japan got to be unique in every which way but normal!

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While she herself is pretty darn "To the right" as it were Seriously, banning miniskirts and having the gall to say something like this? Makes her just as foolish as dear ol' Abe methinks.

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you don't hear australia, thailand, philippines, burma, Usa, malaysia, singapore, Vietnam, indonesia, cambodia, and the rest of the world protesting though....get a life SK

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“Japan should go harmoniously with the international community,”“If (Japan) has a different perception of history and aggravates the scars of the past, it will be difficult to build future-oriented ties.”

If you examine her statements closely she is basically saying that Japan needs to conform to History how it is taught in Korea.

Sorry lady but you can shove it where the sun don't shine.

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Maybe Japan should warn South Korea about a shift towards looniness.

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Japan, say Goodbye to Dokkdo Island. You have being such a nice neighbor and S Korea will 'reward' you for good behavior.

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President Park's a bit late to warn about the shift to the right. Personally I think it's more of lurch than a shift. Don't think a lot of people here are really aware of how strong and far-reaching the move is.

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“Japan should go harmoniously with the international community,” Park told a meeting of chief editors

I guess Park thinks the "international community" means Korea and communist china. Somebody get this man an atlas.

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Is that the same leader that is now upset with Bill Gates because he had his left hand in the pocket while they shook hands?

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No amount of apology of reflection is enough for these people. Japan should have done with it and move on. In fact it should declare no more apologies and ask that they move on, too.

Japan only did what other countries e.g. Britain did, but it made the mistake of doing it in the age of photography so there are records, unlike Britain, France, etc.

Yes. vote me down if you like, you know I'm right.

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Recently people condemn Japan for shifting right, but I think those people are not looking at whole picture. Japan has been doing same as what she has been doing for more than decades. They have been going to Yasukuni shrine two or three times in a year and patrolling Senkaku islands by self defence forces, before China and Korea started to complain. What changed is that when Democratic Party of Japan was in power, Korean/ Chinese government started to take more aggresive act than they used to be. (e.g. ships going to Senkaku island and mass anti-Japanese movement when captain was arrested, Korean leader stating that Japanese emperor cannot visit Korea unless he apologizes, Korean leader stepping foot on the island in dispute) Japan is not shifting towards right but she is either doing same thing or corresponding to neighbors, and now the neighbors are condemning Japan for being aggresssive.

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@ hidingout

" I guess Park thinks the International Community means Korea and communist China. Somebody get this MAN an atlas"

Wake up hidingout Park is not a man she is a woman. Get it right in future.

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^ Sorry Redcliff ... it was an honest mistake. But I guess it does show how little I care about anything the Koreans have to say.

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South Korea acting as China's mouthpiece. Again.

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@OssanAmericaApr. 25, 2013 - 10:04PM JST

South Korea acting as China's mouthpiece. Again

Somebody is going way overboard. S Korea is a sovereign nation with spine. Please explain your position so we can understand.

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@Redcliff (Apr. 25, 2013 - 11:50AM JST). While what you say about the treatment of POWs during the Pacific War is true, Australians bear no ill-will to the Japanese these days over events that occurred 70 years ago. The Japanese went a long way to show their contrition and build friendly relations with Australia since 1945, and Australians have accepted it and habour no residual hatred towards the Japanese these days. If any Australian carried on like the Chinese and Koreans do, they'd be derided as racist bigots and told to grow up.

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Communist Chinese Government and S. Korean Government are blamed for that.

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@SecularBeast. Hatred towards Japan for WW2 atrocities is more prevalent in Australia than you think.

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To illustrate Abe's point about the definition of "aggression" depending on the point of view, Japan should release all the files on Park's father to the media.

Start with the transcripts of his initial interview when he VOLUNTEERED for the Japanese Imperial army, his service record, the distinctions in the field that had him recommended to the Imperial War College, earning his commission as an officer and his service (again voluntary) in the Kwantung Army.

Once that's done, they can release the names and service records of all the other thousands of Koreans who volunteered for military service, with a special note for those who served with distinction.

Perhaps then the Koreans will understand that they don't have the right to whine about Japan's aggression any more than Austria has the right to whine about being a victim of Germany.

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Japan now is friendly nation and some pine tree offering not going to change this.

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@ SecularBeast

Most Australian are forgiving people including the older generation who have been through sufferings in the hands of the Japanese in WWII, but I would hesitate to say that they would regard the Japanese as buddy buddy. I am not sure your last statement that if they carried on like the Chinese and Korean do they'd be derided as racist bigot. Having a dislike of someone is not consider as racist but racially abusing some one is.

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