S Korean firm suspected of surveying off disputed isles


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All when Korea is making noises about it trying to improve relations with Japan.

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Just looked at a map of the Japanese EEZ and it seems both a bit presumptuous and difficult not to 'violate' it by anyone doing anything. If China or Korea claimed as much water as Japan does, there would be significant overlap and opportunity for squawking... Maybe I won't take these EEZ violation stories seriously from now...

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Just looked at a map of the Japanese EEZ

It's yuuuge.

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Not an issue. Korea surveyed within its own EEZ administered by them, not Japan.

End of story.


All when Korea is making noises about it trying to improve relations with Japan.

Improving relations doesn't include its own territorial administration.

@William Bjornson

Just looked at a map of the Japanese EEZ 

Japanese EEZ claims are false.

Japanese EEZ claims includes Liancourt Rocks, undisputedly administered by the ROK. Considering the ROK administration of the Liancourt Rocks, the actual EEZ administrative line shifts way east toward Japan.

Japanese EEZ claims on Okinotorishima isn't recognized by neither China nor Korea, as Okinotorishima is a man-made concrete island and cannot be used as basis of claiming EEZ.

Japanese EEZ claims around Southern Kurils are ignored by all of Japan's neighbors. They are Russian EEZ, and China and Korea pay fishing taxes to Russia to fish there.

China doesn't recognize Japan's EEZ or territorial water claims around Diaoyu Islands. Chinese fishing ships regularly fish there and all Japan can do is watch because trying to enforce Japan's laws on them would trigger a massive Chinese response.
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The Japanese governments response was insufficient

Well of course the Japanese governments response was insufficient !

A super efficient superior evolved nation with an insufficient response to absolutely anything you can imagine.

Go figure !

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The Korean ship owes some money:

" fines of 30 million yen or less will be imposed on foreign vessels which conducted unauthorized operation or operation on prohibited waters in the EEZ"

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The Korean ship owes some money:

1) It's not a Korean ship, but a Norwegian ship working on a job asked by the Korean government. Everyone else, even the USFJ, accepts ROK administration of waters around the Liancourt Rocks. Even Russia said sorry to Korea after their bombers accidentally flew over the Liancourt Rocks and promised to not do it again.

2) Fines can only be levied if the ship was detained by the Japanese coast guard and charges are filed. But this is impossible, since the water in question is under the ROK administration.

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They first have to give back the occupied islands and islets.

They of course can afterwards do whatever research they like as long as they publish the results or tell about what they’ve found at don’t take that with them at a big scale.

Another one that was very easy to solve for me. lol

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We can clearly see how the new SK government begins its relationship with Japan, at least it was quick and will give enough reasons to just ignore whatever Yoon asks from now on.

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The islands are currently administered by South Korea, and as such they have a strong case for their action being proper, in the same way any Japanese surveying around the Senkaku's (administered by Japan) would be proper.

While islands jurisdiction is under dispute by the nation not currently controlling them, from Kuril's, Senkaku and Dokdo, those who DO control administration should be able to survey at will. I am fairly sure Russia does so with the Kuril's as well as build on them and militarize them.

The objection by Japan is noted but nothing they say ever alters the status quo. Surveys may reveal safety concerns that need to be made public for those sailing in the vicinity.

At the end of they day, while they administer that area it is hardly improper.

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Here's the thing, though... they are not disputed by South Korea, only by Japan. And since they are lived on and administered by South Korea, and belong to them, there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what they are doing. Would Japanese people or the government here care if China protested Japan surveying around the Senkakus? Would it be news here? No. Exactly the same thing.

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 if China protested Japan surveying around the Senkakus?

Japan doesn't survey Diaoyu Islands waters. Japan's EEZ claims around Diaoyu Islands are not enforced against Chinese boats and there are tons of Chinese fishing boats fishing there, with Japanese and Chinese coast guards co-existing.

Heck, Japanese civilians are banned from landing on the Diaoyu Islands.

Why? Because Japan's claims on Diaoyu Islands are weak.

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