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S Korea, Japan, China to hold summit next week

By Jung Hawon

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Sheesh, they're gonna have much to discuss. When enemies of enemies are clear, so is friends; its when the distinctions blur that dangerous confusion arises.

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Taiwan, Hong Kong and NK should also be there.

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Excellent news. PM Abe hosting the Summit is the best idea,lets hope the other nations can join Japan on the same page. PM Abe still deserves the chance to meet Kim like Trump and Moon and Xie. Not fair if he doesnt get to meet and hold Summit with Kim.Japan can provide huge investment to North Korea (including Shinkansen) IF PM Abe is granted a meeting with Kim.

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GoodlucktoyouToday 05:21 pm JST

Taiwan, Hong Kong and NK should also be there.

As if China would agree to Taiwan and Hong Kong being represented independently.

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The past is past, let's move on to the 21st century. As Winston Churchill said, "if the present sits in judgement of the past we shall lose the future."

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Yea I can see this summit going well (rolls eyes)

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By the way, anyone noticed that every single article written by the media about South Korea and Japan always has to mention "lingering bitterness over 1900-1945 colonial oppression," "comfort women statues," etc? I'm not at all surprised by the ethnicity of the writer.

I swear, the event could be about a Korean restaurant opening up in Tokyo and the news report would start off with "Despite lingering resentment over Japan's brutal occupation of Korea..."

Please give it a rest already world media.

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If No. Korea has any other nuclear power plants or active bomb-building sites, will these not be detectable by their heat-loss into the atmosphere and out into space? "So"--we are told by a scientist. This inability to conceal the sites makes them targets for so-called "conventional" bombs (as in the case of Iran and more recently, Syria).

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NK just demand huge lump sum for their bad behavior

Japan should stop support NK with huge lump sum as in the past

but should improve its army instead

comfort women issue , is this a propaganda ?

as I know , one of the last comfort K woman married Japanese than divorced and remarried K man and whole time she chose to stay in Japan !

if she hated Japanese that much why she did not return to Korea ?

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keep adolff twitter away!

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