S Korean President Moon sends personal letter to emperor


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Return to sender, LOL

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Address Unknown

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I'm sure it just says something along the lines of 'Are you ready to apologize yet?'

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The South Korean president himself chose the judge who did the strange trial. Japan must be careful about the actions of the president.

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I'm sure Moon's aide wrote something very nice.

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I had hoped over my 25 years of living here the relationship would have been able to heal and move on from 70 years ago but sadly in recent years it has become more strained and both sides can be faulted for that.

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Both sides can be faulted but Japan has always accomodated South Korea whereas South Korea has continued to use anti-Japan sentiment as a political and diplomatic tool, refused to recognize or accept Japan's accomodations and aplogies and done nothing to improve relations, instead taking actions that can only make it worse. South Korea has displayed a propensity to deny or reject Japan's actions but never actually suggest what would lead to a resolution. In other words, no real intention of resolution.

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