S Korea ruling party presidential candidate ready for talks with Japan


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Japan has already apologized and paid reparations. It's long past time for South Korea to stop blaming Japan and victimizing themselves. Lee's going to do nothing to repair ties.

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Moon and Lee stating that Japan has To excepted history. Japan have excepted history. It is SK that keeps on dragging out the old chestnut of you invaded us and did this and that. Moon,Lee build a bridge and get over it. Really Moon and Lee should apologise for always using pass history to better position itself when negotiating deals with Japan.

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Unless Lee Jae Myung, if elected President, is prepared to reinstate the 2015 "Permanent and Irreversible" Comfort Women Agreement, signed by both South Korea and Japan, any meeting is a waste of time. And any notion of "improving relations" would be a lie.

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Here they go again!

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Another day, another round of Japan bashing from South Korea.


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"The kidnapping of Japanese is a very serious issue and likewise, I think it is well understandable how South Koreans would feel about Japan kidnapping innocent young females to military brothels back in the colonial era," Lee added.

Lee Jae Myung is a moron. He has no idea what's been proven by the hands of his fellow Korean academia . Which user would be offended by me expressing my factual opinion?

It's been proven none of those officially registered as " victim of IJA comfort women" were kidnapped by Japan. It's just that there were some whose testimonies were very conveniently fined tuned to this disgusting fake narratives under the coaching of Chong Dae Hyup. And the one who's still so active HAD ADMITTED she changed her testimonies under the instruction of this disgusting NGO. What more do you want to know about this world-wide Korean fictional fraud drama?

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Japan just forget sk best solution develop forward with taiwan n south asian nation just forget sk they will huff n puff n bow away themselves

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Morons in South Korea would never realize IT unless they are all sent back so far away back to the eras under Chinese or Korean slave systems. Is there any top government officials who have sincerely and genuinely tried to seek how so different perception very old people have between Taiwan and Korea for the days under Japan?

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Rather than endlessly seeing this stupidity, I hope South Korea joins the red team and accepts for being ruled under brand new Kim Dynasty.

That would clean up all garbage in front of Japan, giving such transparent glass to wake such morons in Japan up to make them all realize what has to be done.

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The very definition of a political soft shoe shuffle.

Lee Jae Myung, the ruling Democratic Party's candidate is up front the next politician in a never ending relay to pick up the historic blame game baton from the current president Moon Jae In.

Wheel out those pensioners, so enmity can continue to poison one generation to the next.

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Lee knows he is gonna lose so he is now using his best effort to try to change tactic. Everyone knows compare to Yoon, Lee is pretty much the worst choice for Japan considering his views toward us.

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S Korea ruling party presidential candidate ready for talks with Japan

No, they are not ready. They haven't been ready for the last years during which two Korean presidents have failed Japanese (and home South Korean as well). One got charged and guilty, another will probably follow the same fate. All the same, the ball is, has remained for long, on the court side of South Korea.

What have President Moon done during his single 5 year term? At least Korean courts did move something, which however make things much worse for the bilateral relations. Is Moon trying to look sightly better by nothing on purpose? What a tactic! :)

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The time for Japan to forgive South Korea's lies is over.

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