S Korea expresses concern over any Japanese radioactive water dump

By Hyonhee Shin

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The way Japan has been handling this, and all other disasters, has been a disgrace, on par with North Korea. No plans, ignore experts, reject international monitoring, and just drag on and on and on. And then they have the audacity to blame neighbors for raising concerns.

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In this case, the S. Korean government is wrong. They are too much influenced by the pseudo-science from amateurish environmentalists whose livelihood is just exaggeration and blackmail. This is why S. Korea is the only country in the world that makes a fuss on the release of radioactive waste. Of course, the Japanese government is also in part responsible, because of their lack of transparency.

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Japanese authorities uses all means to make radioactive contaminated water issue looks optimistically.

But there are plural reports of health damage about dumped Tritium.

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Japanese should be very worried too.

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South Korea would complain about anything that Japan does.

Does it matter it won't even be released towards Korea? No

Dones it matter it was filtered better then any other country could have done? No

Other countries have done the same. Does that matter? Not if you hate Japan it doesn't.

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The sea currents off the Fukushima coast don't go to Korea, they head over to the West Coast of America has shown by the huge amount of tsunami debris which arrived there

Yep. Currents in the northern hemisphere circulate clockwise so anything dumped in the water off Japan's east coast will head north, collect the chemicals dumped in the water off Petropavlosk and circulate along the coast of the Aleutian Islands and down the west coast of North America. In California I would be more concerned about the stuff in the water off Petropavlosk killing sea life there than anything coming out of Fukushima.

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America is the country which has most polluted the Pacific

Nothing but pure water coming out of the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers. No chemicals or heavy metals to be found. Right? I seem to recall dead pigs floating past Shanghai on the Yangtze.

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