S Korea, U.S., Japan urge N Korea to return to talks

By Joori Roh and Hyonhee Shin

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The last time North Korea agreed to a deal in exchange for ending their nuclear program (in the 1990's), they did NOT end their nuclear program but instead continued a secret nuclear program

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Now Kim san is stressed out a lot more since South Korea and The United States Of America blasted off a few missiles themselves. Hope Kim san does not turn to food again to ease the stress. Hate to see that. Again.

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North Korea is simply taking NK's innocent citizens as hostage and a wall .

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Russia is behind Kim for every actions.

There are too many NK's work force within SK, Chongryon in Japan is not exception.

SK should forget unification of the peninsula for now and say eternal good-bye to the North. The choice is only between staying as democratic free country and being under Kim Dynasty.

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NK fires eight missiles - unlawful.

SK and US fire eight missiles - lawful.

There's no law in international issues - what rule of law is the Kim dynasty bound to? None.

There is only might, discussion and sanctions when it comes to international issues.

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Don't urge him. Give him a 2 week deadline to comply or else send in liberating forces.

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The negotiations in the 1990s mentioned above were known as the Six-parties Talks and included the 3 countries mentioned in the article, North Korea, China and Russia. To put any real leverage on North Korea you need China and Russia in the mix. That obviously is not happening given Russia's naked aggression in Ukraine. Nothing will come of this initiative but it does signal a willingness to start talks with N Korea.

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What's to "talk". Bukhan has said over and over, "Remove the sanctions and we will dismantle our Nuclear ambitions".

That is very amusing as South Korea, the US and UN have said, dismantle your nuclear weapons and the sanctions will be removed. Everyone knows removing sanctions first will stop Kim from dismantling his nuclear stockpile. He can not be trusted. The west has previously moved first only to have NK scuttle deals and asking for even more before they comply.

Kim knows what is required to have the sanctions stopped and he does not want to pay that price. So the sanctions will stay indefinitely, and NK will retain and grow it's nuclear stockpile and continue to threaten those around them with ballistic missiles with ever increasing range and accuracy.

Kim, like Xi and Putin wants power. The more power the better. They all want control of others to do their bidding. Live lives of luxury while forcing others to work their bodies to the limits to support their greedy, lazy leaders. Those leaders care nothing for their people or their poverty and hardships. So long as they themselves live in palaces and have everything their hearts desire, and the power to increase it, that is all that matters to them.

The keyboard warriors who show such dedicated support to people and systems that lie, cheat and deceive their own people are not intelligent enough to realise their error. Perhaps because they live outside the daily influence of, and not subjected personally to the misery and deprivation forced on the citizens of the autocratic nations they look up to.

By no means is the West perfect, as it too has its many issues from poor leadership to company influence and greed, but it does have legitimate checks and balances that aid average people in getting a variety of information from sources that both support and oppose all sides of an argument.

More freedom of choice and of voicing differences of opinion to leaders and governments without going missing, or being locked up for "causing mischief and picking fights" like the Autocrat nations.

Japan, South Korea and the US can "urge" North Korea to resume talks, but the first question will be, "what has changed since the last talks that failed"? Is there any concessions you are prepared to provide that you previously wouldn't?

The answer to that should be the preparedness for the US to sign a peace treaty to officially end hostilities, set hard land borders eliminating the demilitarized zone, and a promise of continuing discussions on ending sanctions for full nuclear disarmament, followed by substantial investments in North Korea to assist its society in prospering into the future. Including modernizing and enlarging the capacity of North Korea to grow sufficient food and live stock providing food security for that nation.

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Don't urge him. Give him a 2 week deadline to comply or else send in liberating forces.

Two things to consider. Half the South Korean population lives within artillery range of North Korean Forces. Seoul and environs are densely populated. Estimates of casualties on the first day of a second Korean War are on the order of 100,000 dead per hour. Per hour. No sane human wants to put the Korean people through that. It is out of the question to initiate such a war. In any event such an attack would drag China into the war and that would not be a good thing either. Attacking DPRK is a non-starter. Well armed deterrence and patience will eventually prevail. The CCP will not last forever and when it is gone so is the DPRK.

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NK fires eight missiles - unlawful.

SK and US fire eight missiles - lawful.

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@Peter Neil

NK fires eight missiles - unlawful.

SK and US fire eight missiles - lawful.

The ROK fires more ballistic missiles than North Korea does, but foreign press never report this, including Japanese press.

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Just leave them alone. Apparently, they don't want to talk. When they're ready, they'll know where to find you.

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If those are the ones requesting n korea to return to talks.

Um. No. They are laughing their butts off.

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North Korea is enjoying a multipolar future that doesn't involve the USD. Their close relations with China ensure a steady supply line of goods and transfer of production technologies to uplift the NK economy in the long run. The strong relations with Russia also ensure the steady supply line of resources and energy to NK at affordable prices. North Korea is enjoying the inevitability of a Eurasian future as well as a global socialist (state capitalist) bloc. North Korea doesn't even need the US to lift sanctions anymore!

Japan is following the US towards its own doom.

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I miss the days when we had a president capable of controlling and diffusing the north Korea situation.

But yeah. Good thing we don't have to deal with mean tweets.

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What's to "talk". Bukhan has said over and over, "Remove the sanctions and we will dismantle our Nuclear ambitions". But, the last time when Respected Comrade Kim thought the U.S. was serious and bent over backwards to meet (two days on a train), trump played him for a fool, using him to distract from the Stormy Daniels debacle and, when the usual American political amnesia and Christian acceptance of lechery and debauchery set in, threw him away. The ball is NOT in Bukhans court...

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Will North Korea respond to the trilateral call to come to a negotiation table for it to scrap all its nuclear capabilities?  I doubt it. That will be a nonstarter.

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