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Sales tax hike won't damage economy: BOJ governor


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Sales tax hike won't damage economy: BOJ governor

agreed because it's already damaged for over two decades.

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Oh, "Feed the pig" is better than putting the money in the CONSUMER'S pocket. California is a perfect example of 8.5% sales tax whereas only an hour drive on weekend to Oregon gives the consumer 0% sales tax. There is no "Oregon" for the Japanese to go to because it is an island, but if a big purchase will be made in Japan, the savings in Guam (0%) or Hawaii (4%) may just pay for the airline ticket. Cut the spending first!

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Sales tax should go to 0. It costs the economy lots of money just to have every point of sale in the country recording and keeping records for sales tax.

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One is a fiscal measure, the other monetary. this will just cause greater imbalances and blow up more bubbles.

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Charging businesses 50% of everything they make as a BS tax will not hurt businesses? Please let me know how that works. Japanese already is tied with the highest corporate taxes in the world. They cannot stand being in second place, they will raise them higher to be first at something.

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It will damage the little people, big business wont care, raise company taxes, raise taxes on the rich, raising the taxes for the lowest earners will hurt very much

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Translation: If we flog a dead horse, I don't think we'll injure it any further. But if we do, we'll then shoot it in the head.

These guys are geniuses.

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Very true. A lot of my friends and family drive up to Oregon to make big purchases and come back to Cali. The drive is long, but nice and there are lots of pit stops that make the trip worth it.

Many Japanese already hit up Guam for shopping vacations, if not there Korea or Taiwan. I hope Kyle Bass is not right... I love this country too much to see it drop like a fly, but the brass here are just sooooo mind boggling.

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Of course, this statement coming from someone who will not be affected and one who formulated the wrong policies that would soon put Japan in a further downward trend. If the last 20 to 30 years have been bad just wait for the next two.

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Well, if Kuroda is correct, the economy won't be damaged. But has he looked in my pockets recently ... there is less and less money in them now thanks to Abenomics. Take another 10% out of them and I won't need holes for my money to fall through. There won't be any money left ...

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Please please exempt food and medicine. Anyway prices are already very very high in this country for food.

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Sales tax going up to 8% next year and 10% the next?

Is that all?

Gosh, I would gladly pay 40% or 50% if it helped needful things, such as building up the Japanese military and building new superbases for the American forces in Okinawa.

After all, someone has to defend us against the fierce North Koreans and hordes of Chinese just waiting for the opportunity to invade our land!


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If you step on the brakes and accelerator pedals at the same time when the economy is not fully recovered, the brakes will win.

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If you step on the brakes and accelerator pedals at the same time when the economy is not fully recovered, the brakes will win.

If you step on the accelerator and you've got no gas, the car will stall.

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if it did: “Monetary policy would be adjusted. I won’t hesitate

Pure mob-speak from Kuroda. "You'd better keep spending money even after we take it out of your pockets through taxes; because if you don't, we'll take it out of your pocket through inflation."

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scare tactics - if you don't spend your money today it will be useless tomorrow

hey, but at least real estate will match inflation and at least hold people's wealth... oh wait..

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Wont damage the economy? What a notion?

Any type of tax is the first line offence to economy, that's the fact. As a Governor of BOJ, you are highly paid and any tax implemented, you don't feel a pinch. For ordinary people, a small hike in any tax would mean extra hours of hard overtime labour to feed those unnecessary hikes.

how can this guy be the governor of BOJ when he has no clue at all about the effect of sale tax? good on ya!

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It's going to damage my ability to buy a car.

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Dear Governor of BOJ,

One moment you said "Sale tax won't damage the economy......." then the next moment you said "If it does, you will not hesitate to ease monetary ...."

How hilarious is you comment for a 3rd largest economy in the world.

In stupid terms, please choose the following scenario which you think suit you the best:

Scenario 1:

A doctor asks you "How are you today?" and your reply is "More or less......."

Scenario 2:

An emergency doctor telling you after a serious accident "Don't worry, if you die now, you won't feel the pain"

Scenario 3:

A stupid fool owing you some USD7,000 who can't afford to pay you back after sometimes and when you approached him for the money:

He replied to you by saying "I don't recall owing you that much but its ok, how about you lend me another USD3,000 to make it USD10,000 so it is easier for us to remember how much is the actual amount?" and you gladly agreed to lend without hesitating.

Who is more foolish?

As a Governor of Japan, you are making a very foolish statement that "a sale tax hike will not damage the economy" and you proceeded to make a defensive cover up statement by saying "if it does......"

Either, you are practically thinking Japanese are very stupid or you just refused to accept the facts that you are actually the most stupid?

Any naïve economy first year student would know 'Sale tax will affect the economy no matter how big or small"... it is as simple as ABC.

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The question that needs to be asked, was Japan's economy bad in the first place?

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Asking a high position politician like Governor of BOJ about his opinion on the effect of "sale tax hike?", he will tell you "It will not damage the economy". It is like telling a multi-billionaire that he just drops 10,000 yen into a dirty drain who doesn't even bother to pick it up.

Try asking comments from the laymen on the street who have to struggle for foods for his family just for the day about sale tax hike, you will get an honest answer.

Moral of the story is - High flying politicians only talk rubbish when he doesn't even know a thing about the struggle of majority of poor workers who have to endure long hours of hard labour just to serve foods on the table.

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Breaking News! Bank of Japan Gov Haruhiko Kuroda was just seen buying 4 large suitcases at Bic Camera. When asked what they were for, Kuroda replied "they are gifts for my family"

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Joel Lim's quote "

Any naïve economy first year student would know 'Sale tax will affect the economy no matter how big or small"... it is as simple as ABC

Not only students, even anyone on the street knows a small hike in sale tax will affect the majority of people livelihood on daily basis. It's shocking, a BOJ Governor can make this kind of unsubstantiated ill-statement. I think by appointing him as Governor of BOJ will do far more damage than the sale tax hike itself!

Tokyo is already ranked as the second highest most expensive city in the world to live in after Luanda. He is now trying to make Japan to go back on top to number 1 spot!

An idiot with so low common-sense and uneducated mentality. How can he be BOJ Governor? I am equally shocked!

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