Saudi king seeks help on diversifying economy


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Good luck with that. no sensible international company would want to open a manufacturing or service facility in Saudi unless to tap into Saudi oil wealth. place is just too weird from most expats and locals don't like to work.

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And the Saudis want to fund more projects of mosque constructions on a foreign soil as gratitues.

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Oil sales income will not be reliable? Saudi visit Asia to find why these customers have been reducing buying .

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Made rich by the west, owned by the west, what is his modus operandi/agenda.

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combating transnational crime such as human trafficking, terrorism and the drugs trade.

Joke of the millenia so far

owned by the west,

It's rather clear from the wests pandering to this disgusting human rights abusing entity that it's they that are owned not the reverse!!

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Maybe Japan could export pork, whiskey and miniskirts?

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Oil sales must be declining.

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How's that 50% graduation in Islamic Studies by Saudi young people going? Thought so.

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