School operator head denies meeting Abe amid favoritism allegation


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Well, it is a veterinary school... I guess they're used to high levels of "bovine fecal matter." So what's a little more with this lame excuse?

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"I have no memory and there are no records"

says it all!

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Interesting that the "First press conference" was a semi-closed affair.

Only local approved journalists were allowed in - others were turned away.

And question time was only 20 minutes.

Only pre-recognized questions were taken.

Open democratic process.

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Are there no laws against perjury in Japan? This is completely opposite to his original statement of meetings with Abe. It's easy to understand how Japan keeps its crime rate down when you can lie through your butt and get away with it.

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If your memory doesn’t work and you don’t know how to keep records, how do run a vet University?

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The same excuse as always: "I don't remember" - BOW ... "I am sorry (not)" -BOW and so on.

Get out of here ..... those excuses were (and still are) used way too often.

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"I have no memory and there are no records"[.................................................]

As opposed to, "That didn't happen."

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Well, it is a veterinary school

I thought I smelled a rat..

"I have no memory and there are no records"

Translation: we all know it happened but you can't prove it.

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"I have no memory and there are no records"

The headline is incorrect. What Kake said does not amount to a denial that he met Abe. Kake says there are no records, but that is a lie: there are records. Also, having no memory of something doesn't mean it never happened. This is the excuse drunks always use when they are arrested for a crime: it doesn't work for them and it won't work for Kake and lying Abe.

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Japanese so-called nationalists like this creature will bring Japan down

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