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SeaWorld, Humane Society want Obama to end Japanese whaling


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Sorry, obviously nobody cares. And it is not illegal.

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SeaWorld needs to end it's forced captivity of all of it's marine mammals, birds and fish species back into their wild natural habitats. Until then they can shut their hypocritical pie hole.

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gokai wo maneku: "Sorry, obviously nobody cares."

You sure do care enough to comment.

Anyway, not sure SeaWorld is the ultimate voice of reason when it comes to treating animals in a humane method, especially given that some whales have died (or trainers, even) under their care of late (or was that Marine Land?). But, ultimately if they are spreading word and trying to help undo one of the great wrongs in terms of Japan's lies and cruelty with regard to its whaling program, which it falsely claims is for science, then good. Let's just hope when they're done they do a little soul searching as to how they can make animal's lives better themselves.

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"gaiatsu" does not work with this government, which cares little about the opinions of its own citizens, and none at all for the opinions of foreigners. It is as intransigent as it is impervious to embarrassment.

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Seaworld? Is it not just a marine zoo for making money? Hypocrites!!

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Now Wayne Purcell is bragging that Maybe, the CEO of Sea World, supports HSUS other vegan designs. This includes a fostering of stronger bonds between humans and animals. Groups like PETA and the HSUS are vegan cults that want to stop the use of animals in society, including ranching, farming, zoos and aquariums. To do this they pretend that animals have the same or similar emotions as humans. Yet if you follow this thinking to its logical end, we will have to start asking chickens if they want to be fried or steers if they want to be steak.

In the case of Sea World, they use pseudo science, without any actual scientific evidence to make people believe that the Orcas are sad. I have horses that are every bit as talented as these mammals. They dance, they bow, they can do cala and cola. They do this because they are trained to do the tricks. Now does that mean my horses should be set free, because I keep them in stables at night and tied out during the day. Do you think they are abused. Please read this: http://awesomeocean.com/2015/10/21/killing-kasatka-animal-activism-comes-animal-welfare/

So Sea World needs to think about what it is doing. That is because you can't deal with these crazies. Next it will be dolphins then turtles. These fanatics will not be happy until they shut Sea World down.

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They think Japan is a US territory

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Who are all these people and why don't they mind their own business?

If Japan did something wrong, sue Japan. There are international treaties, international courts etc. "Ending Japan's whaling" is not Obama's -- and definitely not SeaWorld's -- business.

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Obama is neither powerful nor stupid enough for this. Why are these Americans believe they can have whatever they want

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SeaWorld needs to end it's forced captivity of all of it's marine mammals, birds and fish species back into their wild natural habitats. Until then they can shut their hypocritical pie hole.

Doing so would doom those animals to an early death. Even the much-publicized "Free Willy" (the whale's real name: Keiko) campaign ended in failure as the wale showed up in Norway looking for human interaction three weeks after he had been released in Iceland. Keiko died about a year and a half later swimming in the fjords of Norway. Pneumonia was the presumed cause.

Sea World is keeping its whales until they die (hopefully of old age) and not breeding or harvesting any more.

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as much as I hate Japanese whaling, I think its hilarious that seaworld thinks its in any position to critisize the Japanese.

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Mind your own business, America. No one has the right to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't eat

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I wish them the best of luck with that.

No one has the right to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't eat

Um that's the whole point. A multi-million dollar industry is being kept alive to fill the nationalistic pride of a niche oyaji market. It doesn't add up. Japan doesn't have the right to thumb its nose at the rest of the world and take whales from Antarctica. It's no better than poaching

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Of course no one has the right to tell Japan not to do something within its own territory.... totally agree. But since when is Antarctica a Japanese territory?

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That doesn't really matter, Antarctica is open Ocean and the Minke is not an endangered species. Has nothing to do with Nationalism as it has everything to do with its a viable food source that does have a market. It seems to be in pretty popular demand in Osaka as most izakaya's I've been to have it on the menu and enjoy eating it every time I am up there. The GOJ is foolish for trying to hide the fishing of whales under scientific research vice a traditional food source like Inuit, Greenland, and Iceland peoples.

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Yes it does.... no one else is hunting whale in the Antarctic but Japan.... heck, not even the Chinese that we know of and they encroach into everyone's waters.

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But since when is Antarctica a Japanese territory?

You make a fair point

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