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Senior bureaucrat close to Suga resigns amid hospitality scandal


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The upper crust wining and dining each other? I'll bet money this doesn't even scratch the surface.

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Don’t worry, he’ll soon be working at NTT as a board member. Amakudari at its finest.

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Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. He obviously didn't get the telegraph message about not being seen to be bribed.

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Not much difference here. This guy is just going to resign and be reshuffled to another government position. No big deal.

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Resign, get a new job.

Retire, get ¥50m and a new job.

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He'll appear sooner or later in another government position, or as a supervisor to a govt. panel or in other management position. It's always the same scheme in such situations

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And the corruption carousel continues, unabated, and it will continue to do so.

Why?- The LDP, who have pledged to uphold another country' interests in the region, is untouchable, and they know it.

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What a problem.

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Soon Mr.  Yasuhiko Taniwaki will be the head of NTT / DoCoMo communications or the lead consultant.

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WE The People demand a reduction in the inflated costs of our mobile phone fees.

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