Singapore lifts import restrictions on food from Fukushima Prefecture


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How many years will it take to not be radiated food? Eating fish from Japan your still eating some radioactive material whether you believe it or not

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Nothing is happening around that town. People are eating fish every day. People being paranoid is the most common symptom these days.

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Good news. Yes

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Singapore lifts import restrictions on food from Fukushima Prefecture

Almost all Japanese food in Singapore are only eaten by Japanese expats, as they are ridiculously priced. Non-Japanese get Australian/US produce mainly.

So this decision was easy to make as it only essentially affects Japanese.

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NOBODY should be eating anything from the polluted are around Fukushima. Except for these nationalist bozo,s in their black trucks. I would even spend my taxes on buying it for them

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Fukushima is a large prefecture that goes into the mountains and beyond to the Aizu Wakamatsu area, hundreds of kilometers away, as far away from the disaster as Tokyo. It is awful they named the disaster in the west after the whole prefecture. It should have been the Dai-Ichi or TEPCO disaster / meltdown.

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The decision is logical. The EU whose food market is much larger yet very restrictive on food safety, has for long lifted bans on Fukushima/neighboring food imports.

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This is a positive and rational decision, there is no actual reason to keep the limitations.

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robert maesToday  04:46 pm JST

NOBODY should be eating anything from the polluted are around Fukushima.

By that do you mean the whole prefecture or the area around the plant. How far, in your mind, does the "polluted are" extend? Landward and seaward?

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What an area to import from?!

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Here we go again.

Let me guess, people on JT don't support this decision.

They have more experience then Singapore apparently, and the experts they hired.

Dont listen to your own experts Singapore, JT users know better, and best, and they don't approve. Now or Ever.

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Send them bottled water.

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The decision is logical.

Not necessarily. When you mix Fukushima rice with others on purpose and don't declare it, or if you find out that Shizuoka green tea contains high levels of radiation but keep it a secret until the French test it after it's been exported to France, you lose the world's trust. Trust has to be gained over time.

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For all the"specialists"here, just check the background radiation levels in your own place it country and compare them with those in Fukushima. You'll be surprised to find out how much lower the Fukushima ones are.

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Well, when radiation levels in that area zoomed up because of leaking smoke and steam, and then water that was used to cool the reactors leaked out into the ocean and surrounding area, I will compare Fukushima with countries that had a similar accident in the last 8-10 years. And there are none.

Going way back, the only comparable country that had an event like Fukushima was in the USSR at Chernobyl.

I wouldn't eat Chernobyl rice.

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The government was caught lying about the radiation levels after the disaster (remember the giant Geiger counters showing safe levels when accurate equipment showed alarmingly different readings?)

The government has proved with the Olympics that it’s profit 1st, health second.

I’m not sure I’m ready to trust this food just yet.

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 I wouldn't eat Chernobyl rice.

Wow. I didn't know that planted rice near Chernobyl.

I learn something new every day.

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