S Korean leader denounces Japanese comments over sanctions


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"...... hinting at security risks  ....."

Security risks. There weren't any so far.

Japan should stop this "embargo" and SK should stop the permanent complaining.

I am sure Mr and Mrs Watanabe as well as Mr and Mrs Kim are getting sick and tired listening to all this.

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President Moon, your entire legacy is built on blaming Japan during a very bad economic period in recent Korean history.

Keep on blaming the past for your current failures please.

Japan has no problem picking up the slack left by Korea.

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Our government is doing its best to resolve the issue diplomatically ... 

Doing their best to resolve the issue like... what exactly is he doing so Korea be put back in Japan's white list?

is surely not ideal for the friendship and security cooperation between the two countries

Buahahahaha! Now they talk about friendship. In the 14 years I've been in Japan I don't think I have ever heard Korea saying anything like "for the friendship" of the two nations.

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Seems like Japan is being pressured from Trump.

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Simply put..."Action Speaks Louder Than Words"..., and S Korea's many actions "spoke" HUGE lots and LOUDER than anything they could say now or in the future. It may take several generations before those actions are really put behind. Trust and Respect are based upon "mutual" understanding and benefit with an emotional commitment to befriend, help and share. It will take much time for many Japanese people to reconfirm their feeling and thoughts after their trust has been crushed. And that will be without the kind of government endorsed "indoctrination" that S Korea did in their educational system and through their media to create this situation.

It was in the 1960's when then Pres. Park "nationalized" all of Japan's businesses in S Korea. It took 2 full generations and major Japanese investments to rebuild S Korea and re-establish what is there today. All that was "broken" and the past which was kindly forgotten by Japan, trying to make up for the bast and to build a better future together is now questioned. The unwanted "old", the "past" is again a burden. A burden which would not have been here, if the past was left behind, so we could go on as it has been since...

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How does Trump have any connection to this?

Japanese officials have rejected any link to historical disputes.

They are clearly connected.

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@SJ Today 05:54 pm JST

Here's the difference. The worst the Japanese do is dispute the facts. The law stays within common sense.

An example of a fact dispute is "Nanking didn't happen." You may not like it, but the law isn't being challenged here. In fact, some argue the Japanese "lie" (the idea they might sincerely believe this is beyond many Westerners, to say nothing of Chinese and Koreans) because they are ashamed. If that is true, that's actually still kind of good, because that means they agree on the law.

An example of a law dispute is "I don't have to respect this treaty, which a bunch of my ministers signed just because it lacks the king's signature." That's dangerous because it breaks the value of signed commitments. Commitments are worth nothing if you can revoke them as soon as things turn bad - we wouldn't need commitments in such a case. But why care about consistency?

You might recognize two Sinocentric countries as the prime executors of the latter.

I might also note that this:


actually shows a large pluralism of takes. Some schools don't teach it much. Some teach American leaning stories. Others are less leaning. This is actually not bad from a human education perspective. It means as a society, no position is likely to generate a lot of hate (OK, there are exceptions, but generally) because people are aware that all positions have a following.

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Oh, I meant this link:


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Japan requires the normal procedures to SK like other normal countries. It's ok Japanese government considers SK is the normal country, not the extraordinary one.

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What a lie: "We applied the simplified procedures before to Korea, but now we changed, and just normal procedures will be applied — are applied — to (South) Korea. ... So this is perfectly in conformity with our obligations to the WTO," he said.

It has nothing to do with reparations, it just happened. Uh-huh. I've dealt with this sort of rubbish on the professional level and know the scam when I see it: using a vague or false argument to sneak punish someone for no legitimate reason.

If I can see through this so can a lot of other people. Thanks to Abe, Japan stands to lose face big time.

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Moon is very respected, no doubt about that.

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Abe's unconditional approach toward NK will pay off, eventually.

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I am sure that Abe will see Moon very soon, impossible not.

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Very personal, mixing politics with trade.

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"The Japanese government's move to inflict damage on our economy to serve political purposes and link (the issue) with sanctions against North Korea without any evidence is surely not ideal for the friendship and security cooperation between the two countries," Moon said.

"A South Korean ship has been detained for six months on suspicion of violating UN sanctions against the nuclear-armed North, Seoul’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday."


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Moon, finally out of his cellar, shows his true color, standing at the edge of cliff.

Let's see if the rumor that Current SK led by Moon fulfilling the definition of a state sponsor of terrorism.

Everybody knows SK ships got caught for the act of illegal cargo transfer already.

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Trump is a great pal/buddy of Abe, or so Abe claims. So Abe is just following, like a faithful lapdog, Trump's playbook - impose sanctions, tariffs, etc like Trump is doing.

"Japanese officials say such materials can be exported only to trustworthy trading partners, hinting at security risks without citing specific cases." - Isn't that what Trump say of Huawei - National Security risk? But Trump is prepared to sacrifice 'national security risk' to get an agreement with China so he can get re-elected in 2020. It's all about Trump.

Japan's future lies in Asia. Mkae peace with the Koreans, Russians, and Chinese - this should be the STRATEGIC VISION. No matter what you do, you Japanese will always be seen as 'different' and even 'inferior' to the West. (I have personal experience as as Asian living in Western countries). Remember the Plaza Accords - you were on the rise as an economy. They screwed you!!!!

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You reap what you sow President Moon.

Don't start crying to the international audience as the victim now that Japan has finally had enough of your antics.

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Next up, burning of hinomaru flags and marches against Japan in South Korea.

Grow up!!!

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Concerning dialog with the US,it's done before this ever happened and the information of SK swaying the inspected goods to NK, where do you really think that came from?

It starts with a C followed by an I and ends with a A.

They knew about it but due to the alliance with SK the US passed it on to Japan to be the reaper of bad news.

Without Russian engines and Japanese materials, NK can't continue producing A-bombs and Moon will become the fall guy being hunted by both the NK as well as US following his teacher's footsteps.

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It sounds like Japan telling South Korea what to do?

Shades of Imperialism returning?

When Japan finally signs a peace agreement with Russia then it might have some credence!

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Politics are Dancing. And it feels so good.

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A lot of South Koreans, not to mention quite a few Japanese and Americans, think SKorean President Moon's secret agenda is to break its tripartite alliance of the U.S., Japan and South Korea and to establish a new alliance with China, Russia and North Korea, with which Moon has been hellbent on developing a bloc of anti-liberal democracy.

Moon has repeatedly gone out of his way to let South Koreans know that he deeply respects die-hard communists such as Shin Young Bok, Lee Young Hee, and Ho Chi Minh.

His followers went so far as to say they deeply respect and adore Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, the ruthless dictators and murderers. So much so that a lot of them in their college or younger days, had cut their finger to write, on white paper or cloth, an oath of allegiance to the North Korean madman, Kim Il Sung. Such a mad and maddening species from hell or lunacy.

In all likelihood, they are closet communists in disguise as liberal democrats. Their behaviors, policies and secretly anti-American stance all point to one direction; communization of the whole Korean peninsula by breaking out of the traditional Pacific alliance.

The weakest link in this scheme is as between Japan and South Korea, because South Koreans have been so severely, so relentlessly indoctrinated to hate everything Japanese and every Japanese politician, if not every Japanese on the street, that cutting off this weak link is a very savvy political move, guaranteeing a major electoral win in an upcoming general election in April next year.

Please refer to "Losing South Korea" by Gordon Chang, an American lawyer-turned analyst in international politics.

Moon has thrown, since his inauguration, a monkey wrench into the tripartite alliance at almost every opportunity. For, to do so is the most effective, while too secretive and gradual to be noticed, strategy to metamorphose liberal democratic South Korea into a communist country so as to accelerate their reunification-by-capitulation process.

The number of South Koreans who have recently emigrated to any one of the Western countries or escaped from South Korea after divining the secret plan of Moon and his faction, has literally skyrocketed; by five times as many as that in 2015, by ten-fold compared to that in 2004. The number is expected to go well over 10,000 per year in the very near future.

Anyone who has a deeper understanding of the hidden motive of the Moon faction (South Koreans call them Ju Sa Pa (主思派), the fanatical followers of the Juche ideology by Kim Il Sung) may have second thoughts on the merits of Abe's move, for it will accelerate, not frustrate, the Moon' secret plan to, once and for all, cut the umbilical cord to liberal democracy and free-marketeerism.

Having a maniacal, fundamentalist anti-Japan, anti-American, and anti-reason country as your neighbor must be a shuddering and sobering development - with nuclear capabilities at that.

Thus, a whole set of much more nuanced and sophisticated, but more devastating strategies as against South Korea is in great order.

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Problem is, South Korea thinks it's in Japan's league.

Reality is, they're not, even with the JT "expert" crowd, egging them on. They can stick that in their pipe and smoke it.

The US of A, Japan, Germany, France and Britain, for all that it's rotten with them, are still on a league of their own.

Not even China, with all the fantastic growth, (real and fictitious) they've had for the past 3 decades, is in that category yet; maybe on day, not just yet. Russia, is the same, for the obvious reasons.

The Korean midge had it coming.

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"Japanese officials have rejected any link to historical disputes."

LOL Who believes this lie?

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This cant be true...no self respecting korean company would be caught dead buying products from a japanese "War Crime" companies...this is all fake news...never happened i say, nope, nadda, nip.../s

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Japanese bureaucrats and politicians are notorious for being incompetent and uncompetitive, but Japanese handling of the situation illustrates this further.


Japan, 'surprised' by South Korean response to export control, accuses Seoul of trying to make the issue about free trade

The government was taken aback by the strong reaction from South Korea to its decision to tighten export controls on some chemicals to the country, a senior Japanese foreign ministry official said, calling it “quite surprising” while also accusing Seoul of unfairly trying to make the issue about free trade.

The Foreign Ministry official said the grounds South Korea used to lodge a complaint at the WTO was puzzling. The institution is traditionally not a place where individual export controls by countries that are closely related to national security matters are discussed — unlike free trade related disputes.

Japanese bureaucrats didn't know WTO ruled prohibited export control with the exceptional circumstances of two countries about to go to war(Russia vs Ukraine).

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We're on the G-7, UN Permanent members, leading scientific institutions, leading capital investors, technology driven, Parliamenentary "Dimokratía"....Yes, we're on the same league, in many ways than others.

Just because you are in G-7 does not put you in the same league as the Untied States. Canada is also in G-7, yet their entire economy is the size of New York. Even California alone has bigger economy than the entire UK. it's laughable you would think you can put yourself in the same category as America, yet i am not surprised you would do that, since you people have incredibly inferiority complex with America.

What leading scientific institutions? I can't think of any English scientific institutions. In fact, i can't think of anything that has ever came out of England for the past 40 years. Looking at the patent applications by country, America is either first or second, wheres UK is not even in top 10 lol. Even tiny South Korea produces more scientific patents than your country.

Leading capital investors? If you look at the top 50 start up ecosystem ranking, the first stop 5 spots are all American cities, next is Tel Aviv in Israel, followed by Berlin, and then London. London is comparable to something like Kansas when it comes to capital investment. America has the Silicon Valley, LA, NYC, Boston, Chicago and Austin all rank among the top of the list. To put yourself in that category tells me how delusional you are.

Technology driven... well maybe if you actually DID invent some of that technology instead of just buying it from America like the rest of the world, that would be a different story. Every single new technology comes from America. I can't think of anything that comes from England, except cheap migrants working on construction in Australia.

America is not a Parliamentary Democracy, but a Federal Constitutional Republic. The word Democracy is not even written in the constitution. Also, even your country UK is not a parliamentary Democracy, it is a constitutional monarchy where the majority of your parliament is run by unelected lords. You don't even know your own governmental system LOL.

At least I'm not an hypocrite; I live in London, not Seoul or Busan. Yer no wat I mean?

No, i don't. I don't live in Seoul or Busan either. And don't try to kid yourself, the moment you get that visa approved you're out of there, am i right? lol

South Korea may be smaller than Japan, but any form of trade war hurts both parties. Even if the US imposes tariffs on Korea, it will be again a self-harming policy. Korea pretty much dominates the LED and smartphone markets, any disruption in the supply chain or production will mean higher costs of smartphones and electronic appliances. Putting tariffs or trade restrictions harm Japanese citizens and Japanese companies as much as it harms Korean companies. You have to be objective, but you're clearly not, because you are driven by hate.

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